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The application


When you have decided you want to apply to the Cambridge MBA, you need to make yourself aware of the process and plan your time: 

  • GMAT: You have to take the GMAT to apply to Cambridge.  Plan ahead, do preparation, and book your test date in advance, with our application deadline dates in mind.
  • Your referees: You'll need one reference from a supervisor. Decide who you would like them to be and ask them now. Applications are often held up because of references failing to be submitted. An automated reference request will be sent to your referee once you have entered their contact details into our online application system.
  • Finances: You need to think carefully now about how you plan to fund your MBA - do not wait until later. See our funding pages for more information.

Completing your application

Filling in the application form

You can save your work on the online application form so it doesn't need to be completed in one sitting. You need to allow yourself enough time to draw together historical data about your employment, and also to think carefully and plan your essay question answers.

Essay questions

The following are the main essay questions on the Cambridge MBA application:

  1. What did you learn from your most spectacular failure? (200 words)
  2. What are your short and long term career objectives? What skills/characteristics do you already have that will help you to achieve them? What do you hope to gain from the degree and how do you feel it will help you achieve the career objectives you have? (please do not exceed 500 words)

Submitting your application

While we have no quotas for each round, it is beneficial to you to apply as early as you can in our admissions cycle. This is because many financial aid awards are made early in the year (for example Gates scholarship) and you need to have your MBA offer in place before you apply for scholarships. Also, once offered a place, you will be required to give us preferences for the Cambridge College you wish to join. Colleges do have quotas for accepting MBA candidates.

View the admissions deadlines

Sending your application form

  • All applications must be submitted via our online application system.
  • Candidates should submit their application by 17:00 GMT on the day of their chosen deadline.
  • An online payment of £150 will be charged for the submission of your completed application.


We require one reference from a line manager or supervisor. An automated reference request will be sent to your referee once you have input their contact details into our online application system.

Application deadlines

For entry in September 2016

Round 1 deadline: 18 September 2015

Round 2 deadline: 23 October 2015

Round 3 deadline: 8 January 2016

Round 4 deadline: 4 March 2016

Round 5 deadline: 6 May 2016

Scholarships & bursaries

Cambridge Judge Business School offer numerous bursaries for MBA candidates with particular sector experience, nationality, or high academic achievement.

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