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Who are we looking for?

We want people who have:

  • excelled in previous academic achievements (top 25 per cent of class in undergraduate degree)
  • are highly motivated and ambitious, thrive under pressure, and have already exhibited clear progression within their career
  • have had some international experiences through their work and have a global outlook
  • are confident, creative, innovative, with strong interpersonal and collaborative skills
  • an interesting and varied life outside their work

Does this describe you? Then introduce yourself to us now.

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Specific minimum requirements

Professional experience 3 years’ full-time work experience after completion of your undergraduate degree
English proficiency
  • English as your native language
  • or TOEFL - 110, with no element below 25
  • or IELTS - 7.5, with no element below 7.0

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Undergraduate academic achievement
  • 1st or 2.1
  • or GPA of at least 3.3
  • or Top 25% of class
  • Current class average - 690
  • Mid 80% - (640-740)
  • A balanced score is required
  • Valid GRE scores also accepted
One reference
  • A supervisor referee

Detailed requirements

English language requirments

View our full English language policy

Academic achievement

The Cambridge MBA is a fast moving, intellectually demanding, one-year programme and we need to be sure that you can perform at the level required. We expect you to have a good undergraduate degree from a recognised university. The precise qualification varies according to country and university, but as a general guide we are looking for the equivalent of a first class or good upper-second class honours in the British system, or a GPA of at least 3.3 (out of 4.0) from a major American university. You must submit a copy of your undergraduate academic transcript (or degree certificate if a transcript is not available). We are also interested in any postgraduate qualifications you have.

We will consider your application if you have lower grades, or even if you do not have an undergraduate degree, but only if you can demonstrate that you have been exceptionally successful in other ways and if there is evidence of necessary academic ability, for example a strong GMAT score.


We require all applicants to have taken GMAT (the Graduate Management Admission Test) or GRE. As a consistent international assessment, GMAT helps us compare applications from around the world reasonably objectively. A total score above 630 is usually competitive, and the average of the current class is 690. A high total score is less important to us than strong, balanced scores on all three parts of the GMAT: quantitative, verbal and the analytical writing assessment. We do not specify a minimum score; your GMAT score is just one of the criteria that we consider as we evaluate your application. Please do not be dissuaded from applying to Cambridge if you have a low GMAT score but other parts of your application are strong.

You must instruct Pearson VUE to make your GMAT score available to us online. Our institution code is WF1-T3-68. Please self-report your score on the application form; we will verify it online from Pearson VUE.

Please note that GMAT scores are only valid for five years. We will only accept GMAT tests that have been taken in the five years prior to 30 September on the year for which you're applying for entry to the MBA programme.

We will also accept valid GRE scores. Please note that GRE scores are only valid for five years. We will only accept GRE tests that have been taken in the five years prior to 30 September on the year for which you're applying for entry to the MBA programme.

Cambridge MBA staff and alumni are currently travelling the world to meet potential candidates. We also offer regular online meetings and webinars.

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Application deadlines

For entry in September 2017

Scholarships & bursaries

We offer numerous bursaries for MBA candidates with particular sector experience, nationality, or high academic achievement.

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