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Our portfolio of strategy programmes provides business managers and directors with a versatile, strategic toolkit to give coherence and direction to the actions and decisions of the organisation. Whether participants are looking to deploy strategy in negotiating environments, developing a strategic framework for creating and sustaining competitive advantage, re-thinking strategy in the light of new economic and business realities, or developing and utilising a robust set of performance management systems, Cambridge strategy programmes can act as a catalyst for successful strategy implementation.

Creating Winning Business Models

26-27 June 2017

This programme provides participants with the skills and knowledge to assess, create and revitalise their business models.

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The Cambridge Negotiations Lab

21-22 September 2017

This programme provides the strategies and tactics to succeed in all types of negotiating environments, drawing on case studies, role playing and real world experiences to help you develop the skills to successfully and confidently manage the negotiation process.

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Leading Strategic Projects Successfully

2-4 October 2017 or 19-21 March 2018

A three-day programme providing an holistic view of managing projects in terms of mastering complexity and uncertainty, leading and motivating teams, managing stakeholders, and embedding projects into the organisational context.

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Strategic Management: Creating and Sustaining Competitive Advantage

19-20 October 2017

This programme provides managers with the basics of strategic thinking and strategic analysis. It is intended to enhance strategic capabilities by demonstrating the tools and techniques that are commonly employed in strategic analysis and to provide a framework for how to maintain a competitive advantage.

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Strategies for Winning in China

2-3 November 2017

This programme is designed to help you get inside the heads of Chinese companies as potential competitors, partners, and investors; to understand their strategies, how they will impact your business, and how you can best respond. It will help you reassess the realities of the China market opportunity, the strategies that work, and the pitfalls to avoid.

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