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The Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance will continue representing and advising on developments in alternative finance to ensure that this emerging field of financing is mainstreamed in policy circles. Our research output will form a basis for, and be captured in, a series of annual alternative finance industry and benchmarking reports. These publications are an ongoing continuation from our original UK collaboration with Nesta, PwC and ACCA produced in 2014 - as supported by the Cabinet Office, HM Treasury, BIS, British Business Bank, the government departments for Communities and Local Government; Culture, Media and Sport; and International Development; Big Society Capital and the FCA.

Additional high-profile and high-impact industry reports for UK, European and global regions include:

  • The Rise of Future Finance: UK Alternative Finance Benchmarking Report (2013)
  • Understanding Alternative Finance: The Second UK Alternative Finance Industry Report (2014)
  • Moving Mainstream: The European Alternative Finance Benchmarking Report (2015)
  • Pushing Boundaries: The Third UK Alternative Finance Industry Report (2016)
  • Harnessing Potential: The Asia-Pacific and China Alternative Finance Benchmarking Report (2016)
  • Breaking New Ground: The Americas Alternative Finance Benchmarking Report (2016)
  • Sustaining Momentum: The Second European Alternative Finance Industry Report (2016).

We have also contributed to policy learning and exchanges with government departments, and at global and supranational levels:

  • By facilitating a roundtable discussion on alternative finance in June 2014, comprised of nine government departments and the Big Society Capital, and organised by the Cabinet Office.
  • By giving evidence at the June 2014 All Party Parliamentary Group (Crowdfunding and Non-Banking Finance) meeting in the House of Commons.
  • As contributors to the "Innovative finance platforms" chapter in the Department of Business and the British Business Bank's Small Business Finance Markets 2014 Report, based on 110 in-depth qualitative interviews.
  • Through engagement with the Government Office for Science on the Blackett Review of Financial Technology (FinTech) Futures.

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