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The Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance is an international interdisciplinary academic research institute dedicated to the study of alternative finance, which includes financial channels and instruments that emerge outside of the traditional financial system (i.e. regulated banks and capital markets). Examples of alternative channels are online 'marketplaces' such as equity- and reward-based crowdfunding, peer-to-peer consumer/business lending, and third-party payment platforms. Alternative instruments include SME mini-bonds, private placements and other 'shadow banking' mechanisms, social impact bonds and community shares used by non-profit enterprises, and alternative currencies such as Bitcoin.

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Our research agenda, data depository and our aim to be a hub of academic activity, all in the field of alternative finance.

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Representing and advising on developments in alternative finance in policy circles.

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Global business practice

Learn more about our network of alternative finance industry players, trade associations, academic research institutes and government departments.

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Access our published research in the field of alternative finance.

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Internship programmes

Read about and apply for our internship programmes.

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News and media

Read the latest news and media coverage from the Centre.

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Annual conference

Read about the annual conference hosted by the Centre for Alternative Finance

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Learn more about the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance team.

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Find out more about the Centre's impact including the areas of academic and policy regulation.

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Our supporters

The Centre thanks all of its supporters for making global research possible.

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Get in touch with the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance.

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