Cambridge Suptech Lab

About the Cambridge SupTech Lab

Furthering the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance’s extensive experience of regulatory research, education, and knowledge transfer, the Cambridge Suptech Lab aims to accelerate the digital transformation of financial supervision and supervisory agencies.

The Lab delivers financial authorities with:

  • online leadership education
  • experiential training
  • research
  • digital tools.

The Cambridge SupTech Lab seeks to create greater collaboration and transparency across the ecosystem of supervision to foster a financial sector that is more sustainable and inclusive.

Our initiatives

We evaluate suptech projects and products, share lessons learnt by supervisors and technologists, distill good practices, and highlight impacts.

We share this body of knowledge through our reports, blogs, executive education programmes, and the SupTech Marketplace database of vendors.

We also identify the most effective approaches to developing transferable, scalable and impactful suptech applications to inform the development of new applications and technical assistance.

The Cambridge SupTech Lab delivers career-enhancing professional development for public sector managers and specialists to lead the digital transformation of government agencies and services, with a focus on financial sector supervision. It includes online coursework, prototyping, tech and design sprints, diagnostics and embodiment practices.

The Suptech Launchpad is an accelerator for financial authorities and technology vendors to co-create and deploy scalable suptech applications.

To facilitate and de-risk this collaboration, our team helps detail the technical specifications, designs and implements agile procurement of the vendors, and provides project management support and hands-on technical assistance including security testing.

We also offer Launchpad competitions, through which vendors are awarded the funds to develop and test working prototype solutions in partnership with the financial authorities.

The Suptech Launchpad largely builds on the experience of the Regtech for Regulators Accelerator (R2A), which has successfully developed ground-breaking solutions introducing an agile approach to the collaboration between financial authorities and technologists.

With the right tools and frameworks, financial authorities and development agencies can become more effective in analysing financial sectors, evaluating challenges and needs related to digital transformation and effective supervision, and scoping fit solutions.

We provide technical assistance by applying the expertise of our team in business strategy, product innovation, financial modeling, digital transformation, sustainability and data analytics to undertake diagnostics, analytical and advisory activities that support design and implementation of suptech solutions, strategies, and roadmaps. Common outputs include:

  • analytical reports
  • proofs of concept for upgraded data architectures and suptech solutions
  • hands-on strategic and product-lifecycle advice
  • knowledge-sharing workshops
  • tailored training programmes

We are committed to building a community of innovation leaders in financial supervision.

All programme participants are connected through the Cambridge Regulatory Knowledge Exchange (RKE). RKE is a peer-led and community-driven online platform for financial supervisors, regulators and policymakers that has participants from 180+ jurisdictions engaged in working groups, collaborating on research projects, attending roundtable events and webinars, accessing thematic libraries, and taking advantage of digital tools designed for them.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Global supporters

The work of the Lab is made possible through the generous support of the Bill and Melissa Gates Foundation.

If you would like to speak with us about future collaboration and funding opportunities, please contact:

Simone di Castri

Co-Head, Cambridge Suptech Lab

Matt Grasser

Co-Head, Cambridge Suptech Lab