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General Management & Leadership

Designed to offer executives, senior leaders, managers and CEOs the opportunity to up-skill in fundamental business management areas or step back and refresh their leadership outlook.

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Certificates of Achievement

We offer a certificate of achievement in the field of general management.

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Providing business managers and directors with a versatile, strategic toolkit to give coherence and direction to the actions and decisions of the organisation.

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Designed to enable innovation capabilities across many different areas of an organisation, helping you to elevate innovation to become a core capability within an organisation.

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People & Management

Created to help you deal with the challenges of managing and motivating your organisation's most important resource: people.

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Finance & Accounting

An introduction to the basics of accounting terminology and financial analysis, and exploring how these concepts are integrated into your organisation's strategies and performance.

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Dealing with the fundamental areas of strategic marketing management and brand building via a combination of case studies, workshops and faculty-driven sessions.

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Operations Management

Our operations management suite enables executives to delve into the administration of business practices to create the highest level of efficiency possible within an organisation.

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Professional Service Firms

Designed for leaders and partners who are involved in a diverse range of PSFs, and focused on the challenging aspects of leading and managing practices.

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Banking Governance

Developed to address the governance challenged faced by banks.

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Family Business

Provides participants with an insight into the challenges and opportunities associated with family businesses.

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Version 8 (12 March 2019)

New programmes

We've recently added a range of new programmes to our open programmes portfolio:

The Cambridge Creativity Lab

Identify the right open programme for you or your organisation.

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