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Organisational Behaviour

The Organisational Behaviour (OB) group aspires to promote simultaneously our basic understanding of individual and group behaviour at all levels within organisations and the translation of our scientific research into practical implications that have significant executive and corporate value. To achieve and promote our integrative approach of both basic and practical research we focus on developing local, national, and international collaborations with leading scholars (in OB and other related fields), business leaders, and major corporations.

Our group's current research interests include the following topics:

  • Big data
  • Leadership and emotions 
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Cross-cultural management 
  • Psychometric measurement
  • Strategic leadership
  • Teams

The Organisational Behaviour group conducts mixed-methods research, largely (but not exclusively) drawing on experimental, survey, archival, and qualitative data collected in international contexts. The group runs the Experimental Laboratory at Cambridge Judge Business School, and regularly offers developmental internal seminars as well as seminars with external speakers. In addition to conducting basic research, the group is dedicated to making the translation from science to practice and as such encourages strongly that scholarly publications are accompanied with practitioner publications documenting on the implications of our basic scientific studies. The group is active in the PhD programme and welcomes involvement at all levels, from hosting visiting professors to working with student research volunteers.

Our teaching is provided at the undergraduate, MPhil, MBA, Executive MBA and executive education levels, including courses such as organisational behaviour, negotiations, and leadership.


  • Goodall, Keith
    Senior Faculty in Management Practice
  • Menges, Jochen
    University Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour
  • Nadkarni, Sucheta
    Sinyi Professor of Chinese Management
  • Richter, Andreas
    Reader in Organisational Behaviour, Director of the Management Studies Tripos, Head of the Organisational Behaviour Subject Group
  • Stillwell, David
    University Lecturer in Big Data Analystics & Quantitative Social Science

Lecturer and Senior Lecturer are equivalent to Assistant Professor in North American terminology. Reader is equivalent to Associate Professor with tenure in North American terminology.

Research & teaching staff

  • McGuire, Jack
    Research Assistant and Experimental Laboratory Manager

PhD students

Honorary appointments

To achieve its aims the Organisation Behaviour group is focused on conducting rigorous and cutting-edge research that is published in both major empirical OB outlets, such as Journal of Applied Psychology, Academy of Management Journal, Organization Science, Organizational Behaviour and Human Decision Processes, and Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, and managerial and practitioner-focused outlets such as Harvard Business Review.

Contact us

Get in touch with the Organisational Behaviour subject group via their Administrator, Luke Slater:

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