Special interest groups and societies

Most MBA and MFin student groups join special interest groups and societies to collaborate in expanding their knowledge of their particular sector, organise events, develop a skill, and network with their chosen industry. Businesses are welcome to find out more and get in touch with the contacts listed below.

Group Contact(s)
Biotech pharma healthcare (BiPH) Matilde Luce, Sukriti Chaudhary and Sonakshi Rustagi
Cambridge APAC Business Association (CABA) Jedsupa Varoonthepraksa, Pui Yan Yuen and Xuangang You
Cambridge Africa Business Network (CABN) Daisy Ong’angi
Cambridge Investment Management Club Juncheng Shen, Qi Xia and Yuan Lu
Cambridge Japan Business Club (CJBC) Teruyuki Morino, Yutaka Iwasaki and Ryo Ishikawa
Cambridge North America Business Network (NABN) Xiao Sunny Li, Christopher Pierson and Naresh Solur Krishnamurthy
Consulting Ing Shern Dexter Lee, Joe Wang and Nimal de Silva
Culture Arts Media Sports Education (CAMSE) Tenaya Campbell, Ruth Clare Douglas and Padmanabhan Koduvayoor
Energy Environment (EE) Aufar Satria, Pratham Sabannavar and Bryden Smallwood
Entrepreneurship Vivian Jiang, Ayesha Bedi and Yashwanth Madabhushi
ESG (formerly Social Innovation (SI)) Ruth Clare Douglas, Natasha Carlin and Joanne Frances Tilley
Family Business Selina Greuel and Talal Zahid
Finance Gargie Mahajan, Evgenii Mitiukov and Rudolf Moos
Fintech Deeksha Wadhwa, Leo Jiang and Nikita Dehal
Gender Equality (formerly Wo+Men’s Leadership) Apurva Goyal, Dominique Buchanan and Maddy Klein
Government and policy (GAP) Arvin Razon, Tapanshu Gehlot and Takumi Sano
Pride@CJBS (LGBTQIA+) Priya Saikumar, Jack Newton and Virut Hemnilrat
Private equity Venture capital (PE/VC) Ben Cheetham, Joshua Neely and Chad Zidow
Retail E-commerce Luxury Marketing (RELM) Ina Zhao, NaYoung Kim and Simran Sawhney
Tech Peter Reichardt, Vivian Jiang and Arvin Razon
Web3 Qinyue Moon Yin, Yanchu Aki Zhao and Ching Man Esther Wong