Special interest groups and societies

Most MBA and MFin student groups join special interest groups and societies to collaborate in expanding their knowledge of their particular sector, organise events, develop a skill, and network with their chosen industry. Businesses are welcome to find out more and get in touch with the contacts listed below.

Group Leaders
AI Artificial intelligence Romit, Sean Shu and Juliet
Biotech Pharma Healthcare (BiPH) Mansa, Sumanyu and Pavithra
Business of Arts (BoA) Zizhuo, Josephine and Orobosa
Cambridge ASEAN Business Club (CABC) Jab, Aun and Joanne Tan
Cambridge Africa Business Network (CABN) Oluwatoyosi, Emmanuel and Mohamed V
Culture Arts Media Sports Education (CAMSE) Tori, Zachary and Joyce
Cambridge India Business Forum (CIBF) Ravi, Ashutosh and Ujjwal
Cambridge Japan Business Club (CJBC) Hiromichi, Kenichiro and Yutaro
Consulting Pranil, Adhitya and Vir
Energy Environment (EE) Juita, Kenji and Joshua
Entrepreneurship Carlos, Jab Peerachat and Kristen
Environmental and social governance (ESG) Abhishek, Harry and Rebecca
Family Business Chris, Vince and Alice
Fashion & RELM Retail E-commerce Luxury Marketing Nelnish, Anishka and Ryan J
Finance Stephanie and Joao Miguel and Mahima
Fintech Eli, Dhruv and Mohamed Zubair
Gender equality (welcomes all genders!) Shreya, Oluwatoyosi and Noor
Health and wellness Matthew, Jesus and Abigail
Hedge funds Hanson, Ross and William
Investment management (includes value Investing) Georgios, Ming and Pablo
Mobility Karthika, Rebecca and Ella
North America Business Network (NABN) Xiao Sunny, Christian and Naresh
Private equity / Venture capital (PE/VC) Syed, Pearl and Nasar
Presenting, pitching, public speaking (PPP) Adsadang, Chizara and Rocio
Pride@CJBS Juan Carlos, Fernanda and Sean Shu
Real Estate Ming, Ivan and Parker
Tech Tanu, Deepak and Celina