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At Cambridge Judge Business School, we are committed to transforming not only individuals and organisations but society as a whole. Our suite of courses and programs, including a PhD program, master’s programs, and programs for entrepreneurs, are designed by leading business minds and informed by the latest academic and professional research.

Our community is our strength, and we believe in the importance of experiential learning. Our programmes offer a well-rounded education that includes academic study, practical application of knowledge, and the development of interpersonal skills that are essential in real-world situations. By collaborating and sharing our collective knowledge and methods, we are empowered to create a meaningful impact on the world in which we live and work.

Our programmes

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Cambridge Judge Business School: a global community to be proud of.

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A unique learning environment

Being part of the Cambridge Judge Business School community means membership of a special group: those working and learning in this world-famous university environment. As a student at CJBS, as a member of a University College, you will be immersed in a broad educational environment of the highest calibre, which can be truly life-changing for those who join it.

Culture & ethos

Our community thrives on its diversity: the fuel that drives meaningful debate, research and action for business and society. Through our people, we seek to build an environment which supports and enables all, whatever their background. In our activities, such as research, student admissions and business partnerships, we are guided by this commitment.

Entrepreneurship & social innovation in our DNA

CJBS is a powerhouse for researching, inspiring and enabling entrepreneurship, which is an integral part of the curricula in several programmes, such as the Executive MBA and MBA, and the sole focus of the Masters in Entrepreneurship. The School and the University is a vibrant entrepreneurial community, and the Cambridge Cluster or ‘Silicon Fen’, is one of the most successful in the world.


Research at CJBS combines the highest international academic standards with the practical needs of business and society. This research underpins the content of our educational programmes, ensuring our students are exposed to new insight and the latest thinking to real-world issues.