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Five years after graduation many Cambridge students have management responsibilities. If you feel that your career might be in management then you should consider reading Management Studies in your final year at Cambridge. The Management Studies Tripos is open to all second and third-year undergraduates as a third or fourth year of their bachelors degree, but the number of places on the programme is limited. It provides an opportunity for Cambridge undergraduates to develop an understanding of the fundamentals of management by studying the subjects underpinning its various aspects.

While taking the programme, you:

  • Gain a thorough grounding in the disciplines which form the basis of management practice.
  • Develop an understanding of the fundamentals of management by studying the subjects, which analyse various aspects of management.
  • Acquire skills of critical analysis in relation to management issues.
  • Develop an awareness of the responsibilities of managers in an economic, social and environmental context.
  • Develop basic quantitative skills and the ability to apply them in a problem-solving context.
  • Have the opportunity to gain practical experience of a management problem.
  • Develop skills of communication and co-operation relevant to your future career.
The Management Studies Tripos is an invaluable opportunity for current undergraduates from all disciplines to develop a business instinct, to hone key business skills and to develop a deeper understanding of management practice.
Levi I. Marelus, MST 2017


The Management Studies Tripos consists of:


You will normally have four hours of supervision per core course, three per elective, and six per project group.

The average supervision group size is five students for modules, and three for projects.