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Cambridge life

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Why study at Cambridge? The question results in some inspiring, often touching answers. Come visit and you’ll soon find reasons of your own, but here are some of our picks.


With a rich history, gorgeous architecture around every corner, and centuries-long track record of academic excellence, Cambridge is a magnet for talented students and faculty. Unsurprising, then, that a major reason for coming here is the people you’ll meet.

The quality of teaching and discussion aside, the city attracts a queue of top employers hungry for Cambridge graduates. You’ll build a network of cherished friends and diverse contacts; many alumni name this as their fondest memory and proudest achievement.

For a taste of the distinguished tradition you’ll be joining, take a look at Cambridge Judge Business School’s Advisory Board.

The environment

Put quite simply, Cambridge is beautiful; the official Royal Commission’s list of our city’s architectural treasures runs to two hefty volumes. Within a short walk from Cambridge Judge Business School, you can gaze at architecture dating from the 11th century to the modern day, and every period between.

Across the road is the celebrated Fitzwilliam Museum with its Titian, Rubens, Monets, and Picassos. Right next door is Peterhouse, the University’s oldest college, where you might live in a 15th century study-bedroom, eat in a 13th century dining hall, and work in a 16th century library.

But woven throughout this rich history is a modern, vibrant city. Enjoy pubs and clubs, cafes and restaurants, all crowned by our colourful market. And if that’s not enough, you can escape down the River Cam on a punt for an hour’s blissful tranquillity.


When you join us, it’ll be as a member of one of the 31 Cambridge Colleges. Ranging in size from 150 to 1,000 students, some are ancient, some modern, some are just for graduates, some just for women.

Thanks to this wonderful diversity, you choose what to make of your College experience. Many alumni have led sporting teams to victory. Some have formed bands. Others have formed lasting friendships with Nobel Prize winners. A few have even found love during their time here, and married in their College Chapel.

However you choose to define your time here, we hope you’ll feel as much at home as those who have come before.

The faculties

As a student at Cambridge Judge Business School, you can taste the University’s whole educational programme. You’re free to attend lectures in any other faculty, many of our own classes are even taught in accommodation in departments across the University.

Several of our masters programmes draw heavily on the expertise of sister faculties, with whom the School shares graduate courses. We work particularly closely with the Faculties of EconomicsEngineering and Mathematics, but you’ll be welcomed at lectures hosted by Faculties across the University, from Music to Medicine.

The culture

Millions around the world watch the King’s College Carol Service or the Boat Race between Cambridge and Oxford. Underpinning these events is a wealth of cultural and sporting activity at University and College level.

From beginners to international-standard performers, the arts flourish here. One visiting academic noted that he’d been able to attend a musical performance every day for two terms, from a lunchtime organ recital in a College chapel to an orchestral concert in the University Concert Hall.

Drama is similarly active in central theatres, College theatres, and College gardens in summer. Art is everywhere, whether housed across several galleries or adorning College and University buildings.

The University and Colleges have extensive sports facilities, from squash courts to boathouses. These facilities have launched many past students into international competition.

With some 700 student societies in Cambridge, you can be assured of almost any tastes being catered for, and if there’s no society for your favourite pastime, you can set one up.

Visit the Cambridge University Student Union website or the Cambridge University Clubs & Societies pages for more details.

The countryside and the city

Cambridge exists in harmony with its surrounding countryside, pretty villages with pubs and tea gardens are within walking or punting distance. Excellent transport links ensure you’re never more than a couple of hours from seeing a new, wonderful facet of Britain’s green and pleasant spaces.

At the other extreme, London is less than an hour away by train: an easy half-day trip to interview an executive or collect data, or a comfortable evening trip for a play or concert. 30 minutes from Cambridge by direct train is London Stansted airport, which has a particular strength in cheap flights to the rest of Europe.

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