Subject groups

Research at Cambridge Judge Business School is organised around 8 subject groups, which reflect the activities and expertise of our individual faculty members. Find which group matches your interests below. 


The Accounting group focuses on the creation, dissemination, attestation, interpretation, use, and governance of financial information. We explore how business managers utilise information to make strategic decisions and how public companies report financial information to key stakeholders. The group studies accounting as a public policy matter that is crucial for society as well as business.

Economics and Policy

The Economics and Policy group analyses how economics can improve economic growth and business performance; and how public policy can be improved to enhance economic growth, sustainability and the quality of life.


The Finance group’s research focuses on the investment and financial decisions of firms and financial institutions. The group is committed to translating research into practice through links with the private sector, regulators and policy makers. The group is dedicated to teaching that is inspired and enriched by its research findings.


The Marketing group consists of scholars who specialise in each of the 3 sub-fields of marketing: marketing strategy (Jaideep Prabhu, Eden Yin, Ahmed Khwaja), modelling (Dominique Lauga, Ahmed Khwaja, Shasha Lu) and consumer behaviour (Dominique Lauga, Vincent Mak).

Operations and Technology Management

The Operations and Technology Management group studies the design and management of intra- and inter-organisational projects, processes and routines that result in superior performance and competitive advantage for organisations. Deep engagement with partner organisations facilitates our focus on practice-based research.

Organisational Behaviour

The Organisational Behaviour group is focused on 2 essential objectives: to promote our basic understanding of individual and group behaviour at all levels within organisations, and to translate our scientific research into practical implications with significant executive and corporate value.

Organisational Theory and Information Systems

The Organisational Theory and Information Systems group focuses on organisational theory and the dynamic relationship between information technologies and organisations. The range of research interests crosses individual, group, and organisational levels of analysis in developed and developing country contexts.

Strategy and International Business

The Strategy and International Business group takes an interdisciplinary approach to shedding light on critical competitive, economic, social and environmental issues facing organisations and their top leaders. Members of the group have broad research interests in the areas of strategy, organisation theory and international business and actively contribute to both academic and business communities.