Find an expert (for journalists)

This directory of experts gives the media access to informed opinion and analysis from our faculty on a broad range of research topics and current affairs.

It aims to serve the needs of print and broadcast media seeking comment, interviews, stories, background or panel participants.

It contains details of academic staff who are happy to be contacted by journalists and speak as an authority on their particular areas of research and teaching.

We have faculty who can speak on many current UK and global issues and sectors including banking and finance, compliance in the banking sector, economics of climate change, business risk, entrepreneurship, innovation, frugal innovation, Islamic finance, general management, organisational behaviour, developing economies (particularly China and India), business in the entertainment world – and many more.

The following members of our faculty are available to speak to the media on the issues of the day.

Subject area Faculty member Special areas of interest
Accounting Chu, Jenny Stock markets and financial information: earnings quality, capital market reactions to accounting information, sell-side analysts, management incentives and compensation.
Accounting Jagolinzer, Alan Financial reporting; international accounting; corporate governance; executive compensation and incentives; insider trading.
Accounting Meeks, Geoff Creative accounting and accounting regulation; the relation between company accounting and national accounting; bankruptcy and IPO reporting.
Accounting Willis, Michael Disclosure regulation; regulatory enforcement; financial reporting choices; accounting-based capital markets research.
China Williamson, Peter China and Chinese companies; global mergers and acquisitions.
Circular economy Soufani, Khaled Economics of re-use/repair/recycling.
Corporate governance & ethics Kor, Yasemin CEO and executive team competencies; board governance; CEO and board interaction.
Corporate governance & ethics Learmount, Simon Notions of corporate ownership.
Developing countries Munir, Kamal Socio-economic changes in South Asia and Africa; economic development and competitiveness of developing countries.
Economics & policy Genakos, Christos Applied microeconomics; industrial organisation; incentives and performance; behavioural economics.
Economics & policy Hope, Chris Policy analysis of the greenhouse effect; the integrated assessment modelling of climate change.
Economics & policy Kitson, Michael Macroeconomic policy; regional economics; interest rates; central banks; UK budget.
Economics & policy Runde, Jochen Social ontology and the ontology of technology; decision-making under uncertainty.
Economics & policy Menges, Jochen Evolutionary economics; financing of innovation.
Economics & policy Pollitt, Michael Industrial economics; Christian ethics and best practice business behaviour.
Economics & policy Soufani, Khaled The economics and finance of small to medium-sized enterprises.
Employment Kitson, Michael Manufacturing and regional employment.
Energy Pollitt, Michael Privatisation and regulation of utilities in the energy industry.
Energy Reiner, David Fracking and carbon capture and storage technologies; energy demand; international environmental negotiations; policy design; public perceptions of energy technologies.
Energy Taylor, Simon The economics and financing of energy infrastructure, especially nuclear power.
Environment Ansari, Shahzad (Shaz) Social and environmental issues.
Environment Cole, Othman Carbon emissions and economic growth.
Environment Hope, Chris Climate change and the greenhouse effect.
Environment Reiner, David Climate change policies; social and political acceptability of low-carbon technologies; international environmental negotiations.
Entrepreneurship Kavadias, Stylianos (Stelios) New product development (NPD).
Entrepreneurship Soufani, Khaled Entrepreneurial finance.
Entrepreneurship Stockley, Simon Entrepreneurship education; technology ventures; entrepreneurial behaviour.
Entrepreneurship Stott, Neil Social entrepreneurship.
Entrepreneurship Tracey, Paul Social entrepreneurship.
Executive/CEO pay Rau, Raghavendra Executive compensation; CEO behaviour and risk.
Finance Chambers, David IPOs; asset management; endowments and foundations; financial history; law and finance.
Finance Chu, Jenny Stock markets; earnings quality; sell-side analysts; accounting; executive compensation.
Finance Cole, Othman Behavioural finance.
Finance Dimson, Elroy Investment management; financial market history; endowment asset management.
Finance Meeks, Geoff Financial reporting.
Finance Rau, Raghavendra Corporate finance; market efficiency; executive compensation; CEO behaviour and risk.
Finance Soufani, Khaled Corporate finance; financial and managerial strategy; small-medium sized enterprises; circular economy; fast-expanding markets (FEMs).
Globalisation Williamson, Peter Globalisation and its implications for corporate strategy; business ecosystems and strategic alliances; strategies for a carbon-constrained world; global mergers and acquisitions.
Health management/Healthcare Barrett, Michael Healthcare innovation; artificial intelligence (AI) and online communities for health support.
Health management/Healthcare Scholtes, Stefan The challenges of organising high-quality and affordable healthcare services.
Health management/Healthcare Erhun, Feryal Socially responsible operations.
Human resources Learmount, Simon Human resource management.
Human resources Stiles, Philip Human resource management; organisational culture; the influence of self-conscious emotions such as shame, pride and guilt on work motivation.
India Prabhu, Jaideep Jawaharlal Nehru Professor of Indian Business & Enterprise specialising in business, marketing, strategy and innovation.
Innovation Kavadias, Stylianos (Stelios) Innovation and growth.
Innovation Menges, Jochen Innovation systems and processes; innovation networks.
Innovation Prabhu, Jaideep Innovation in emerging markets and in high-technology industries; firm culture in driving innovation; multinational firms and innovation organisation.
International business Kitson, Michael International trade.
International business Williamson, Peter International business.
International business Prabhu, Jaideep The internationalisation of firms from emerging markets.
Japan Learmount, Simon Japanese corporate system.
Leadership de Rond, Mark Teamwork; high-performance environments; collective problem-solving.
Leadership Menges, Jochen Organisational and institutional change; CEO/leadership issues.
Leadership Stiles, Philip Leadership; high performance working; organisational culture; change management; corporate governance; the dynamics of boards of directors; chief executive succession.
Management science & operations Kavadias, Stylianos (Stelios) New product development; resource allocation; new projects and products; organisational design.
Management science & operations Loch, Christoph H. Engineering in complex systems; managing novel and ambiguous initiatives; resource allocation.
Management science & operations Scholtes, Stefan Project management; knowledge management; business value of technology.
Manufacturing Loch, Christoph H. Manufacturing management and strategy; engineering in complex systems.
Marketing Mak, Vincent Psychological factors in decision-making; internet search behaviour; pricing; game theory; experimental economics.
Marketing Prabhu, Jaideep Marketing, strategy and innovation (International).
Media, arts & culture Hadida, Allègre Creative arts; media; cinema; film and music.
Mining Reiner, David Energy demand, public perceptions of energy technologies.
Offshoring & outsourcing Ansari, Shahzad (Shaz) R&D offshoring/outsourcing.
Offshoring & outsourcing Barrett, Michael IT systems offshoring/outsourcing.
Organisational behaviour Tracey, Paul Institutions and institutional change; regional innovation.
Pharmaceuticals Barrett, Michael Digital healthcare innovation for personalised medicine.
Pharmaceuticals Scholtes, Stefan Healthcare issues and finance.
Psychometrics Stillwell, David Psychometric testing; psychometric adaptive test development, real-time analysis of online digital footprints, behavioural prediction and state-of-the-art school examinations.
Psychology Stillwell, David Psychology and decision-making in the context of social networks.
Policy Kitson, Michael Macroeconomic policy; British politics; trade/trade talks.
Policy Reiner, David Science policy and communicating science and technology.
R&D Loch, Christoph H. Performance measurement in R&D.
R&D Prabhu, Jaideep The forces that drive R&D location decisions.
Reputation management Ansari, Shahzad (Shaz) Reputation management in organisations.
Risk Ralph, Daniel Risk in business decision-making; risk aversion in electricity markets; methods and models for optimisation problems and equilibrium systems; cyber-attack risk; insurance.
Social innovation Stott, Neil Organisational socialisation.
Social innovation Tracey, Paul Regional innovation.
Social networks Stillwell, David Social networks/social media; big data; internet; digital economy.
Strategy Ansari, Shahzad (Shaz) Institutional processes and diffusion of practices; reputation management, and bottom-of-the-pyramid strategies.
Strategy Hadida, Allègre Creativity in business.
Strategy Munir, Kamal Social and institutional change; technological shifts in society; new markets; socio-economic changes in South Asia and Africa; economic development and competitiveness of developing countries.
Telecoms Barrett, Michael Mobile infrastructure.
Telecoms Genakos, Christos Competition policy and regulation.
Tourism Cole, Othman Tourism and sport.
Utilities Reiner, David Regulatory policy; competition policy.
Wine Dimson, Elroy Wine and investing.