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Operations & Technology Management

Organisations achieve reliable performance and competitive advantage through the design and management of intra- and inter-organisational projects, processes and routines. The Operations & Technology Management group studies the determinants of superior performance from the perspective of these activities. Focused on practice-based research through deep engagement with partner organisations, group members address a wide spectrum of management challenges and employ a diverse set of research methods, including theoretical, analytical, empirical, and behavioural models that draw from operations research, economics, psychology and sociology, as well as state-of-the-art data analytics techniques applied to large datasets.

The research of the group falls broadly into the following categories:

  • Innovation and new product development (Stelios Kavadias, Christoph Loch, Nektarios Oraiopoulos)
  • Healthcare operations (Feryal Erhun, Houyuan Jiang, Stefan Scholtes)
  • Operations strategy (Jane Davies, Stelios Kavadias, Christoph Loch, Nektarios Oraiopoulos)
  • Supply chain management and risk (Feryal Erhun, Benn Lawson, Daniel Ralph)
  • Behavioural decision-making and behaviour analytics (Christoph Loch, Kishore Sengupta, David Stillwell)

Group members have leading roles in the following research centres:

  • The Entrepreneurship Centre
  • Centre for Health Leadership & Enterprise
  • Centre for Process Excellence & Innovation
  • Centre for Risk Studies
  • The Psychometrics Centre


  • Davies, Jane
    Senior Faculty in Management Practice, Director of the MBA Programme, Deputy Director of the Centre for Process Excellence & Innovation (CPEI)
  • Erhun, Feryal
    Reader in Operations Management
  • Jiang, Houyuan
    Reader in Management Science
  • Kavadias, Stylianos (Stelios)
    Margaret Thatcher Professor of Enterprise Studies in Innovation & Growth, Head of the Operations & Technology Management Subject Group
  • Lawson, Benn
    University Senior Lecturer in Operations Management, Director of the Centre for Process Excellence & Innovation (CPEI)
  • Loch, Christoph H.
    Director of Cambridge Judge Business School, Professor of Management Studies
  • Oraiopoulos, Nektarios
    University Lecturer in Operations Management
  • Ralph, Daniel
    Professor of Operations Research, Academic Director of the Centre for Risk Studies
  • Scholtes, Stefan
    Dennis Gillings Professor of Health Management, Director of the Doctoral and Master of Research Programmes, Academic Director of the Centre for Health Leadership & Enterprise (CCHLE)
  • Sengupta, Kishore
    Reader in Operations Management
  • Stillwell, David
    University Lecturer in Big Data Analystics & Quantitative Social Science

Lecturer and Senior Lecturer are equivalent to Assistant Professor in North American terminology. Reader is equivalent to Associate Professor with tenure in North American terminology.

PhD students

Research staff

Teaching associates

Honorary appointments

Group members actively contribute to both academic and business communities. They have published in top-tier academic journals such as Management Science, Operations Research, Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, Journal of Operations Management, Production and Operations Management, Mathematics of Operations Research, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, and Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, as well as top-tier management journals such as Harvard Business Review and MIT Sloan Management Review. They currently serve or have served as associate editors at journals such as Management Science, Operations Research, Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, Journal of Operations Management, and Production and Operations Management.


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The research agenda of the group is stimulated by regular contacts with senior personnel of regional, national and international organisations such as Bank of China, British Airways, BP, Ernst & Young, Ofgem, Defra, Shell, UK Department for Transport, NICE and Cambridge University Hospitals.

The group also maintains long-standing collaborations with leading academics and cognate groups in the UK, Europe and across the Atlantic.

Upcoming seminars

Lent term 2018

Supply Chain Management through Cascading
Dr Feryal Erhun, Cambridge Judge Business School

12:30-14:00, 9 January 2018
Room W2.01, Cambridge Judge Business School


This study focuses on contracting for a three-tier supply chain consisting of a buyer, tier one supplier, and tier two sub-supplier where disruptions of random length occur at tier two. As is common in many supply chains, the buyer has a direct relationship with the tier one supplier but not the tier two sub-supplier; that is, the buyer has limited supply chain visibility. Both the supplier and sub-supplier can reserve emergency capacity prior to observing the disruption to protect the supply chain from the disruption. The study looks at how the buyer and the supplier can guarantee that the correct level of emergency capacity is built prior to the disruption. Due to two types of inefficiencies - a special form of double-marginalisation and the substitution effect - the supply chain is misaligned in its decentralised form. Although the lack of visibility prevents the buyer from directly contracting with the sub-supplier to eliminate these inefficiencies, they can still coordinate the supply chain through cascading, for example, contracting with the supplier, who in turn contracts with the sub-supplier. Despite supply chain coordination, the supplier benefits from the buyer’s limited supply chain visibility.

Collaborative work with Dr Georg Schorpp and Professor Hau Lee.

Speaker bio

Dr Feryal Erhun is Reader in Operations Management Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge. Feryal’s research interests are in the topic of supply chain management, including risk management in supply chains, new product transitions, and supply contracts. Her current research also includes studies healthcare operations.

Dr Erhun is a strong proponent of practice-based research. In collaboration with Intel Corporation, her research group has designed a decision-support system for optimising capital investment decisions for firms in capital-intensive industries. This work has been selected as one of the finalists in the 2012 Edelman competition and Feryal has been inducted as an Edelman Laureate. She is also a recipient of 2006 NSF CAREER Award.

Feryal serves on the editorial boards of Manufacturing and Service Operations Management and Production and Operations Management. She received her PhD in Business Administration, with a concentration in Production and Operations Management from the Graduate School of Industrial Administration, Carnegie Mellon University in 2002. She holds a BS and a MS in Industrial Engineering from Bilkent University.

A Large-Scale Optimisation Model for Replicating Portfolios in the Life Insurance Industry
Professor Karl Schmedders, University of Zurich

13:00-14:00, 16 January 2018
Room W2.02, Cambridge Judge Business School


Replicating portfolios have emerged as an important tool in the life insurance industry, used for the valuation of companies' liabilities. This paper describes the replicating portfolio (RP) model for approximating life insurance liabilities in place in a large global insurance company. We describe the challenges presented by the latest solvency regimes in Europe and how the RP model enables this company to comply with the Swiss Solvency Test. The model minimises the L1 error between the discounted life insurance liability cash flows and the discounted RP cash flows over a multi-period time horizon for a broad range of different future economic scenarios. A numerical application of the RP model to empirical data sets demonstrates that the model delivers RPs that match the liabilities and perform well for economic capital calculations.

Speaker bio

Karl Schmedders has been a Professor of Quantitative Business Administration in the Faculty of Business, Economics, and Informatics at the University in Zurich since 2008. In addition, he is a Visiting Professor of Executive Education at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University in Evanston, USA.

Karl received a PhD in operations research from Stanford University in 1996. After a two-year post-doc at the Hoover Institution, a thinktank on the Stanford campus, he became an assistant professor of managerial economics and decision sciences at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University. He was promoted to associate professor in 2001 and received tenure at Kellogg in 2005. He continued to work at Kellogg until his departure to Zurich.

His research focuses on computational economics and finance. He applies numerical solution techniques to complex economic and financial models shedding light on relevant practical problems. He has published numerous research articles in international academic journals such as Econometrica, The Review of Economic Studies, The Journal of Finance, and The Review of Financial Studies, among others.

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