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Subject area Faculty member Topics of expertise
Accounting Boisseau-Sierra, Marion Public sector accounting; credit rating agencies; international accounting standards and quality; implications of solicited sovereign credit ratings
Accounting Chu, Jenny Capital market & stakeholders’ reactions to accounting information; sell-side analysts; earnings equality; accounting measures for climate change; incentives to misreport data; financial reporting quality; audit efficacy
Accounting Cole, Othman Project finance; capital structure of companies; accounting of carbon emissions
Accounting Jagolinzer, Alan Financial reporting standards; international accounting; executive compensation and incentives; insider trading; compensation and governance implications for universities
Accounting Meeks, Geoff Creative accounting; accounting regulation; financial reporting; bankruptcy; IPO reporting
Accounting Willis, Michael Disclosure regulation; regulatory enforcement; financial reporting choices
Analytics Oraiopoulos, Nektarios (Aris) Data-driven decision-making; experimentation; business model development
Behavioural insights Feduzi, Alberto Individual, strategic and organisational decision-making under uncertainty; understanding and managing unknown unknowns and Black Swans; behavioural strategy
Behavioural insights Mak, Vincent Application of behavioural economics and social psychology to help develop policies, strategy, and managerial decision making
Behavioural insights Sayegh, Karla Organising the work and coordination of experts under conditions of uncertainty, rapid change and complexity
Behavioural insights Vecchi, Patrizia Collaboration; social networks, teamwork; workplace relationships; gender and diversity
Biopharmaceuticals Oraiopoulos, Nektarios (Aris) Drug development process; R&D management; licensing and strategic partnerships
China Goodall, Keith Corporate governance in Sino-foreign joint ventures; MNEs in China and Russia; HRM and knowledge transfer in China; expatriates in China
China Marquis, Christopher Entrepreneurship and market development in China; doing business in China; internationalisation of Chinese ventures; CSR in China
China Reiner, David Chinese efforts in cutting CO2 emissions; retail energy markets
China Williamson, Peter Strategies for success in China; the internationalisation of Chinese companies
China Yin, Eden Innovation strategies of Chinese firms; internationalisation strategies for Chinese firms; building China’s global brands
China Zhang, Jin China’s commercial aircraft industry; state-business relations; multinational firms in China
Circular economy Howard-Grenville, Jennifer Business strategies for environmental sustainability
Circular economy Soufani, Khaled Economics of re-use/repair/recycling; plastics management; the Internet of Things
Corporate finance Lambrecht, Bart Real options and investment under uncertainty; M&As; corporate payout policy; bankruptcy; the financing of firms; housing and household finance; corporate capital structure
Corporate finance Nguyen, Bang Dang Relationship between corporate finance and corporate governance; political connections and firm value; executive compensation
Corporate governance Dissanaike, Gishan Management turnover; capital structure in emerging markets; competition policy; signalling effects of equity issuing; corporate financing
Corporate governance Genakos, Christos Corporate incentives and performance; competition policy; responses to regulation; the relationship between management and productivity
Corporate governance Guillén, Mauro Stakeholders protection; models of management
Corporate governance Kor, Yasemin CEO and executive team competencies; board governance; strategy formulation and renewal; CEO-board interaction
Corporate governance Karakaş, Oğuzhan Corporate voting rights; ownership and control; corporate social responsibility
Corporate governance Learmount, Simon Corporate ownership; international comparison of corporate governance systems; HRM impact on organisational trust
Corporate governance Menges, Jochen Role of emotions in leadership and following; psychological traits experiments; social dynamics in organisations
Corporate governance Rau, Raghavendra Executive compensation in relation to governance; CEO behaviour and risk; incentive systems; M&As, CSR; ESG; cost of capital; boards of directors; ethics; gender diversity and firm value
Corporate governance Roulet, Thomas Public opinion & legitimacy; reputation management; media reporting of misconduct; stakeholder management
Corporate social responsibility & sustainability Grimes, Matthew B Corps; corporate purpose and mission; CSR; sustainability
Corporate social responsibility & sustainability Haugh, Helen Corporate engagement with social issues; business ethics; sustainability
Corporate social responsibility & sustainability Howard-Grenville, Jennifer Business strategies for environmental sustainability
Corporate social responsibility & sustainability Karakaş, Oğuzhan ESG investing, responsible investment, active ownership, shareholder engagement
Corporate social responsibility & sustainability Marquis, Christopher B corps; triple bottom line; social innovation; corporate philanthropy
Corporate social responsibility & sustainability Soufani, Khaled Sustainable economic growth and innovation;
Economics & policy Genakos, Christos Structure and competition in different markets; productivity-, regulation-, antitrust-, and pricing-related issues
Economics & policy Kattuman, Paul Applied statistics; corporate performance; systems dynamics
Economics & policy Kitson, Michael Macroeconomic policy; regional economics; interest rates; central banks; UK budget; trade talks; innovation policy; university-business knowledge exchange
Economics & policy Mohaddes, Kamiar Macroeconomic policy (with a focus on fiscal polices and public debt); energy economics (with a focus on oil); economics of the Middle East (with a focus on Iran and other oil exporting countries in the Gulf); macroeconomic policies in resource-rich Arab
Economics & policy Pollitt, Michael Privatisation and regulation of network utilities; performance assessment of regulated entities; electricity and carbon markets; transition to net zero; energy policy; religion and business
Economics & policy Reiner, David Climate change policies; public opinion and environmental policy; international environmental negotiations; public perceptions of new technologies
Economics & policy Runde, Jochen Making decisions in extreme uncertainty; understanding of technology
Energy Cole, Othman Competitiveness of oil & gas companies; management of oil crises
Energy Reiner, David Low carbon energy transitions; consumer behaviour in retail energy markets; energy policy design
Energy Taylor, Simon Financing of energy infrastructure, especially of nuclear power
Entrepreneurship Boddington, Monique Experimentation; pivoting; lean start-up; strategy formation; early stage venture strategy; gender and diversity; entrepreneurial impact; ethics
Entrepreneurship Coleridge, Chris Top management teams in entrepreneurial ventures; management of startups in the fintech, construction, healthcare and digital sectors; creation and management of hubs and accelerators
Entrepreneurship Grimes, Matthew Entrepreneurship; startups; digital platforms; social entrepreneurship; incubators / accelerators; crowdfunding; entrepreneurial ecosystems
Entrepreneurship Soufani, Khaled Financial strategy of small-medium sized enterprises; management of family businesses
Entrepreneurship Stockley, Simon Entrepreneurship education; high-tech ventures; entrepreneurial behaviour
Finance Chambers, David IPOs; asset management; endowments and foundations; the relationship between law and finance; currency speculation; carry trade
Finance Cole, Othman Islamic finance; M&As
Finance Dimson, Elroy Asset management; financial market history; long term investing; endowments and foundations; responsible investment; active ownership; ESG investing
Finance Dissanaike, Gishan Stock markets role in corporate governance; portfolio strategies; the efficiency of stock markets
Finance Karakaş, Oğuzhan Corporate finance; private equity; dynamic investment strategies
Finance Kirilenko, Andrei The intersection of finance, technology and regulation; high frequency trading and the flash crash; asset pricing and digital development
Finance Rau, Raghavendra Corporate finance; information and prices for investments; investment banks; analyst behaviour; irrational investor behaviour, behavioural biases in investors and managers
Finance Rogo, Rafael Financial disclosure; information economics; mergers and acquisitions; debt contracts
Finance Saffi, Pedro Corporate valuation (firms, projects, etc.); investment funds performance analysis; trading strategies and signals; short selling; limits to arbitrage; liquidity risk
Finance Sarno, Lucio International finance; currency markets; asset management and pricing
Finance Wardrop, Robert (Bob) Impact of new financial systems; market trust; crowdfunding
Fintech Kirilenko, Andrei Fintech; the design of automated financial markets and instruments
Fintech Rau, Raghavendra New forms of fintech models; pricing; regulatory issues; technological disruption in finance
Fintech Wardrop, Robert (Bob) Fintech innovation; global benchmarking of fintech; fintech regulation
Healthcare & pharma Barrett, Michael Development of artificial intelligence (AI) and online communities for health support; digital innovation for personalised medicine
Healthcare & pharma Jiang, Houyuan Healthcare operations management; contracts among healthcare payers and providers; efficiency in resource usage in hospitals; performance incentives in healthcare; healthcare supply chain management; COVID-19; COVID-19 recovery
Healthcare & pharma Kavadias, Stylianos (Stelios) New drugs development; R&D processes in pharmaceutical companies; the future of pharma and biotech
Healthcare & pharma Khwaja, Ahmed Health expenditure and insurance; pharmaceutical retail chain expansion; health-related consumption decisions; cross-product spill overs from pharmaceutical R&D; new product development
Healthcare & pharma Sayegh, Karla Healthcare transformation – managing mergers, restructurings and radical change endeavours
Healthcare & pharma Scholtes, Stefan Organising high-quality and affordable healthcare services; transformation of local health ecosystems; determinants and consequences of clinical decisions in patient flow systems
Human resource management de Rond, Mark Shaping teamwork; collective problem solving in extreme environments; restoring organisational practices after breakdown
Human resource management Goodall, Keith Human Resource Development; knowledge- and culture-related issues in international ventures
Human resource management Richter, Andreas Effective relations across teams and functions; organisational creativity and innovation; teamwork effectiveness; teams impact on individual creativity and innovation; employee learning and development
Human resource management Roulet, Thomas Mentoring; mental health; stigma and diversity
Human resource management Sayegh, Karla Cross-disciplinary collaboration for innovation and change
Human resource management Stiles, Philip Organisational culture; the influence of emotions on work motivation; performance & talent management
India Prabhu, Jaideep Innovation; marketing strategies; FDI in India; microfinance
Information systems Barrett, Michael Knowledge transfer in cross-cultural and multidisciplinary teams; IT systems offshoring/outsourcing; mobile infrastructure in developing countries
Information systems Jones, Matthew The relationship between information systems and social and organisational change
Information systems Pachidi, Stella Introduction of analytics and AI in organisations; managing digitalisation challenges in organisations; usage of big data for marketing and supply chain decisions; knowledge transfer
Information systems Sayegh, Karla How emerging technologies are changing work and organisations
Information systems Sengupta, Kishore Implementation of IT for e-government; the interaction between information systems and supply chain management
Innovation Ansari, Shahzad (Shaz) R&D offshoring/outsourcing; diffusion of new practices; technological and business model innovation; disruptive technologies; digital innovation; blockchain; autonomous driving; ecosystems
Innovation Barrett, Michael Service innovation in public services and businesses; ecosystem leadership; co-working spaces; fintech and disruptive innovation in banking; mobile platforms for financial inclusion and clean energy; the Internet of Things
Innovation Coleridge, Chris Collaborative innovation; innovation ecosystems; management and commercialisation of innovations; startups and innovations supporting negative carbon emissions
Innovation Hutchison-Krupat, Jeremy Innovation implementation; incentives for collaborative innovation; resource allocation; ideas selection; enablers of new product development
Innovation Kavadias, Stylianos (Stelios) New product development (implementation, relationship with organisational structure, R&D); innovation challenges; strategic change in startups
Innovation Kim, Yeun Joon Creativity and innovation; innovation of work processes and products
Innovation Loch, Christoph H. Engineering complex systems; managing novel and ambiguous initiatives; resource allocation; innovation processes; performance measurement in R&D
Innovation Oraiopoulos, Nektarios (Aris) R&D strategies; co-development of innovations; experimentation
Innovation Prabhu, Jaideep Frugal innovation; role of organisational culture in driving innovation; market scoping for new technologies
Innovation Taneri, Niyazi New product development, technology and business model innovation; R&D partnerships
Innovation Yin, Eden Open innovation; new product growth in high-tech industries
International business Guillén, Mauro Liability of foreigness; business groups in emerging economies; global trends relevant to MNEs
International business Prabhu, Jaideep The internationalisation of firms from emerging markets; innovation in multinationals; cross-border R&D allocation decisions
International business Stiles, Philip HR functions in multinationals
International business Williamson, Peter Globalisation and its implications for corporate strategy; business ecosystems and their monetisation; strategic alliances; strategies for a carbon-constrained world; global M&As; internationalisation and performance
Islamic finance Paolella, Lionel Sukuk; Shariah scholars; reputation in the Islamic banking sector
Japan Learmount, Simon Japanese corporate system
Law firms Paolella, Lionel Reputation spill overs in law markets; gender gap in law firms; customer preferences in the law market
Leadership Howard-Grenville, Jennifer Organisational change & restructuring; organisational culture, identity and routines
Leadership Kim, Yeun Joon Effective leadership; leadership and culture
Leadership Kor, Yasemin CEO and executive team competencies
Leadership Menges, Jochen CEO/leadership issues; leadership effects on organisations; leadership traits; charisma and public speaking
Leadership Richter, Andreas Leaders effect on teams performance; importance of leaders ties for creativity and innovation and for team performance
Leadership Roulet, Thomas Strategic leadership; leadership communication; social and system change
Leadership Scholtes, Stefan Leadership programmes for clinicians and healthcare managers
Leadership Vecchi, Patrizia Leadership development, informal leadership, power and influence
Manufacturing Barrett, Michael Smart manufacturing; digital innovation in manufacturing systems
Manufacturing Loch, Christoph H. Manufacturing management and strategy
Marketing Khwaja, Ahmed New market entry; customer and employee relationship management in service industries; the effects of employee engagement on customer satisfaction
Marketing Lauga, Dominique Marketing strategies; innovation and product development; advertising; product & brand choices
Marketing Lu, Shasha Technology opportunities in marketing; video-based data as predictor of consumer preferences
Marketing Mak, Vincent Psychological factors in decision-making; internet search behaviour; pricing, in particular “pay what you want” pricing strategy
Marketing Prabhu, Jaideep Marketing strategies in emerging markets; community trust and its effects on decisions of low-income individuals
Marketing Yin, Eden Branding strategies in the digital era; the international take-off of new products
Media, arts & culture Hadida, Allègre Arts & media management; impact and integration of new technologies on traditional arts, including performing arts and heritage; performance in the arts and in cinema, diversity and inclusion in Hollywood, Hollywood studios and online streaming services
Mutual funds Rau, Raghavendra Fund performance, fund organisation, compensation
Operations management Davies, Jane Principles of operations management, process excellence, lean six sigma, customer service
Operations management Erhun, Feryal Stakeholder management in supply chains; sustainable supply chains
Operations management Jiang, Houyuan Task allocation problems; optimisation of resources and processes; supply chain contract design; competitive supply chains
Operations management Sengupta, Kishore Project management; knowledge transfer management
Operations management Taneri, Niyazi The impact of operations on carbon emissions and labour outcomes
Pakistan Munir, Kamal Political and socio-economic changes in Pakistan; economic development and competitiveness of Pakistani companies; energy, banking, telecom, education and textile sectors; privatisation
Psychometric measurement Stillwell, David Psychometric testing; psychometric adaptive test development; real-time analysis of online digital footprints; behavioural prediction; state-of-the-art school examinations; evaluations of employees, culture and satisfaction through natural language proces
Risk Ralph, Daniel Risk in business decision-making; risk aversion in electricity markets; models for optimisation problems and equilibrium systems; cyber-attack risk; insurance
Social innovation & entrepreneurship Haugh, Helen Social and community entrepreneurship
Social innovation & entrepreneurship Stott, Neil Social and community innovation; social entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and extrapreneurship; innovating in poor contexts; history of social and community innovation; education of social innovators
Social innovation & entrepreneurship Tracey, Paul Corporate social responsibility and innovation; shared value strategy; social startups; social entrepreneurship education; grassroots activism
Social media & networks Stillwell, David Social networks/social media; big data; digital economy; psychology and decision-making in the context of social networks
Strategy Ansari, Shahzad (Shaz) Reputation management; bottom-of-the-pyramid strategies; strategy innovation
Strategy Hadida, Allègre Creativity and improvisation in business; decision-making in volatile environments; temporary (project-based) organisations
Strategy Kor, Yasemin Strategy formulation, strategic change and renewal; resources and capabilities; sustainability of food supply chains
Strategy Munir, Kamal Disruption and the new rules of competition; strategy in turbulent and disruptive environments; positioning in ecosystems; platform-based strategies; new business models; videogame, banking, streaming and big Tech (FAANG) industries
Strategy Paolella, Lionel Strategy formulation and implementation; organisation alignment; diversity, equity, inclusion; inequalities; gender diversity