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Why Cambridge Judge Business School?

Real-world impact

We believe your investment in education should be demonstrated and measured to help you assess business impact and ROI. Our custom design process focuses on how we can help you to meet your organisation’s objectives and performance ambitions.

Using rigorous evaluation practices we bridge the gap between theory and practice and our programme design process uses a variety of techniques to embed and cascade learning.

We harness the strength of our Psychometrics Centre to provide bespoke diagnostic tools to structure change initiatives at the level of the individual, team and organisation. With this capability we use insights from psychology, statistics and computer science to gather insights and provide you with rich data about your workforce.

High faculty interaction

All customised programmes are overseen by an Academic Programme Director (APD) who is a faculty member of either Cambridge Judge Business School or the wider University, should this be more appropriate. Our APD works closely with you to co-create a solution and is responsible for the quality of the programme. The APD develops the narrative throughout the journey to ensure that the links between underpinning research and your context is demonstrated with clarity and precision.

We are flexible about our maximum class size: any recommendations are aimed at increasing interaction between faculty and participants, making the Cambridge experience one of unrivalled quality, relevance, and challenge. We recognise that organisational imperatives sometimes require different approaches and we can equally support large and small classes and teams.

Latest research & news

Evidenced-based education

As a research-driven school, we take an evidence-based approach to our work. Cambridge Judge Business School has 19 active research centres working in a diverse set of disciplines ranging from Alternative Finance, Risk Studies, Circular Economy to Women’s Leadership. All are producing research papers that feed into our programmes.

Our research centres

Interdisciplinary learning

When your world poses increasingly complex, multi-layered challenges, the diversity and breadth of our intellectual resource may make the difference. We collaborate with departments in the wider university to help you discover new insights from disparate disciplines that lead to unique solutions for your organisational challenges.

Scalable solutions

Transformation requires a continuous process of organisational change at multiple layers in the organisation. We don’t just upskill the top tier; we believe that cascading knowledge across management tiers can establish an agile culture of learning and empower your workforce to follow and even anticipate the fast pace of change.

We believe in building multi-layer approaches to leadership development by building capabilities for today’s and tomorrow’s leaders.

Through a thorough needs analysis, we identify the requirements at each audience level and provide you with a modular learning framework that can be adapted as your strategy evolves. We have developed a flexible development and delivery model to extend our reach. Our methods include:

  • Live Online
  • Face-to-face
  • Online
  • Blended learning

Learn about our delivery methods in more detail

Global engagement

Our executive education team has a global mindset, creating an inclusive approach to learning. We work with you to identify and adapt to cultural signals to ensure learning lands with executives from different backgrounds.

To ensure language is no barrier to learning, we provide solutions, such as simultaneous translation, to build the optimal environment for international learners.

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