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MBA students have the option of working on an Individual Project (IP) over the summer and many choose to link this to an individual consultancy or research project for an outside organisation. Others may choose to complete a company-based Work Placement (WP) or internship.

What types of project are possible?

The IP is an opportunity for students to study in-depth something of particular interest to them and they will negotiate the brief with the company. Recent projects have included product extension strategy for a financial services company, analysis of the US railway sector, branding strategy development for a national retailer and derivatives modelling. It is not unusual for students to receive some payment towards their costs for such work.

When does it take place?

Both Individual Projects and Work Placements take place between July and September. MBA students are expected to work between six and eight weeks full-time during this period.

Student projects and COVID-19: preparing your organisation for the future

The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic will force businesses, societies and governments to make deep structural changes. Our MBA students can help organisations develop strategies to survive and grow in these uncertain times. Our students can use their IP or work placement to help businesses with these considerations.

Short term consulting project

In the current situation, Cambridge MBA students are also available for a short term consulting project with organisations between April and September 2020. These short-term projects are not part of their formally assessed MBA studies, but are being offered on a ‘pro-bono’ basis in response to the current global crisis. If you are interested in such a consulting project, please fill in our form.

What do I do next?

Companies wishing to participate should:

Complete the online project proposal form by 25 May 2021.

The MBA Projects Office is accepting proposals for Individual Projects (IPs) and Work Placements (WPs) from March 2020.

We encourage students to apply for IP/WPs as they appear.

The 2020/21 briefing notes and project terms will be ready in July. In the meantime, you may wish to read the IP/WP briefing notes and project terms for 2019/20.

Please contact the MBA Projects Office if you have any difficulty using on the online proposal submission form, and would like it sent to you in another format.

Important dates

Proposals deadline: 25 May 2021

Project takes place: Jul-Sep 2021

For further details, or if you have any queries, please contact:

Sadia Cuthbert
MBA Head of Business Development
Cambridge Judge Business School
Trumpington Street
Cambridge CB2 1AG

+44 (0)1223 768387

Email Sadia