MFin Group Consulting Project (GCP)


The Master of Finance (MFin) Group Consulting Project (GCP) is an educational collaboration between a host organisation and the MFin students. For our students it is an important opportunity to operationalise the new ideas they have encountered on the MFin. Clients benefit from an international team of bright, motivated and capable young professionals who are able to bring their considerable range of skills and experience to bear on a real business issue that would usually require the services of a consulting firm.

What types of project are possible?

The project may cover any aspect of finance and may be located in any area of the financial services industry or in some cases non-financial organisations. Examples of projects include: financial strategy reviews; benchmarking and best practice analysis; market analysis of launching a new private equity fund in China; analysis of emerging market equity returns in relation to GDP; M&A analysis and valuation; credit analysis of bank balance sheets for a hedge fund; real estate finance analysis; calibration of index-linked securities; capital structure analysis; financial valuations; and new market strategies. Proposals for finance assignments of all types are welcome.

MFin students present their Equity Research Project findings

Important dates

Proposal deadline: 2025 dates to be confirmed

Project takes place: 2025 dates to be confirmed

The project is undertaken in teams of 5 to 6 from mid-March to mid-April each year, with students typically spending the full 4 weeks on the project. Project proposals are announced to students in mid-February.

What do I do next?

Complete the online project proposal form

The 2025 project proposal submission deadline is to be confirmed.

Companies wishing to participate should:

Read the MFin GCP briefing notes and project terms for 2023/24