Management Studies Tripos (MST) Project


The Management Studies Tripos is a one-year management studies course that attracts outstanding undergraduates from the University of Cambridge, who come to us from a variety of disciplines for the last year of their undergraduate studies. For their final project, students work in teams of 3 with an organisation addressing a real management problem that the host has identified.

What types of project are possible?

Projects are invited from organisations of all kinds, as long as the scope is well defined and the organisation is a commutable distance from Cambridge. Recent projects have included strategic planning, market analyses, cost-benefit analyses, feasibility studies, competitor reviews and service assessments for a variety of local private and public organisations.

A team of MST students.

Important dates

Proposal deadline: 2025 dates to be confirmed

Project takes place: 2025 dates to be confirmed

Students work full-time on the projects over the month of May in teams of between 3 and 4.

Management Studies Tripos Project partners

We have successfully worked in partnership with many local, national and international organisations, including:


Cambridge City Council

Cambridge University Press


OC&C Strategy Consultants

Visit London




Cambridge Design Partnership





Psynova Neurotech

Cambridge City Radio

Sick Children’s Trust (SCT)

Department for Education

Mott MacDonald

Mott MacDonald

Mott MacDonald

Paris Peace Forum

Procter and Gamble

Procter and Gamble

What our MST Project partners have had to say about us:

Working with the Cambridge Judge students was a delight – they were enthusiastic, thoughtful, curious, and thorough. The work they presented was creative and insightful, and they operated with a perfect balance of independence to drive to their own conclusions, while collaborating with the business to ensure their proposal resonated. The results they shared have been integrated into ongoing strategies and we're looking forward to working with teams in the future!

Louisa Dunwiddie, Senior Business Value Consultant, Multiverse

This is the second year that we have worked with students at Cambridge Judge Business School, and both times it's been a great experience. We've been pleasantly surprised by the professionalism with which the students managed their consulting project; the process was smooth and well-structured right from the start. Consulting for a growing firm, the students were able to work directly with the Directors, but at the same time maintained their independence in taking the work forward. They delivered quality outputs and their final presentations have provided us with new insights that our architectural practice is currently acting upon. We are very much looking forward to working with MST students again in future.

Ryan Windsor, Director, Windsor Patania Architects

Throughout the process, the team performed amazingly, taking on a wealth of information and complexities to properly understand the problem and deliver a powerful tool and framework to allow us to attack one of our core business challenges. They acted professionally and utilised a range of different approaches, data sources and analysis techniques to provide some great recommendations on how we can improve our processes, which had clearly been carefully considered alongside their in-depth research. We look forward to future Cambridge Judge Business School projects with similarly great teams.

Adam Yardley, Operations Executive, Hylo Athletics

We have worked with Cambridge Judge Business School over several years and the quality of the work the students have delivered has been first rate. The students have always been diligent in their approach and get up to speed very quickly, we are always impressed with their grasp of the background of our business and the quality of their output. The whole process is very well managed, the teams communicate regularly on the approach they intend to take the project, the progress that they’re making and the challenges. Without exception the students work incredibly hard in very tight timescales to deliver real value. We look forward to continuing our relationship in future years.

Chris Hodkinson, VP Business Development, Owlstone Medical

We have been impressed with the students from Cambridge Judge; they have managed to get up to speed with the business quickly, have been very organised in their approach and engaged well with senior members of the Pret team. Their work has been well thought out and well-presented.

Ben Bainbridge, Head of Strategy and Customer Insights, Pret A Manger

We were delighted with their work and positive attitude – they are a real credit to themselves and to Cambridge Judge Business School.

Terry Spencer, Principal Engineer, Mott MacDonald

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to work with these students – it has been a great experience. They have produced a brilliant piece of work that we would never have been able to afford had we gone to consultants.

Cathy Anderson, Marketing & Fundraising Director, Greenpeace

The students demonstrated high levels of effort and professionalism and a superb understanding of the company and industry in such a short period of time. Their depth of understanding went far beyond what would normally be required for a presentation and stood up to detailed questioning. Their insights will be highly valuable to the company – thank you.

Simon Edwards, Marketing Director, Cobra Beer

The students were a breath of fresh air; their enthusiasm and rigorous intellectual engagement with the issues raised by the project contributed to a valuable learning experience for both us and them. We have subsequently retained one of the team members to further develop and implement recommendations made by the team. Juliet at Cambridge Judge Business School did a great job explaining what was expected of us as project partners and ensuring the process of participating was smooth and straightforward. We will certainly consider participating again.

Toby Crooks, Strategy Partner, Rawlinson & Hunter LLP

We have partnered with Cambridge Judge Business School now for several years, and always look forward to the MST project. The students are highly professional, engaged, and able to grasp the issues at stake very quickly. The MST partnership programme itself is very well organised, and we have been consistently impressed by the teamwork, research, analysis, and presentation skills demonstrated by the student teams we have worked with. The quality of the final report produced has been excellent, often providing valuable new insights for the team.

Nina Foote, Partner and Head of Growth, Volution

The professionalism the students showed from the first meeting and all the way through the project was fantastic and far beyond their years and experience. The speed at which they were able to grasp the complexity of the problem and fully comprehend the wider industry was very impressive and it ensured they were asking the right questions at the right time. The output, as a result, was brilliant and has already been considered by wider stakeholders throughout the business. We are excited to work with the students again in the future.

Tori Bell, Social Media Manager, Auto Trader

From our first introduction to the Business School and the students I was impressed with the obvious degree of professionalism. The team that worked on our project immediately came across as intelligent and capable and so it proved to be. The initial briefing was a complete two-way dialogue and the students helped to really define the scope of the project themselves. As a company we had a very clear idea of the output we wanted from this research-based product, but without the manpower to do the project ourselves we left a great deal of the planning and execution to the students themselves. That said, our project was sensitive, in that it dealt with many of our clients and potential clients so we needed to retain a great deal of quality control over the materials the team used when making contact; the students were extremely accommodating in this respect and very easy to work with and to manage. The team showed a great deal of industry to achieve a very difficult task, contacting a huge number of people and exceeding the targets we had set them. We have been impressed with the team from the outset and look forward to welcoming them back for work experience in the near future.

Jonathan Knight, Consultant, JRBH

The students showed tremendous application to the task at hand and managed to secure significant input from senior industry figures. Their understanding of the industry and quality of analysis was impressive. For 2 individuals new to the industry this was no mean feat – they outperformed my expectations considerably.

Mark Robson, Corporate Finance, Deloitte & Touche

I was massively impressed with their drive, organisation, creativity and above all with the results they generated. I cannot speak highly enough of their work.

Raphael Mokades, Diversity Manager, Pearson

The students worked well as a team, applied themselves to the task and produced some incisive, valuable work that will directly and positively contribute to our business.

David Frew, Product Manager, Xaar

The team was very smart and motivated, they had a very good mix of skills and showed great maturity and professionalism. The quality of their work was on a par with that which we would expect from experienced consultants.

Dr Basil Matta, Cambridge University Hospital