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  Our thinking on the big issues.
  Businesswoman discussing with colleagues who are sitting at a table in a boardroom. She is showcasing information to them.

Moderating biases

Female representation on compensation committees reduces bias toward deep masculine voices in CEO pay, finds study in the Journal of…

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  What you need to know in ten points or less.

Monitoring sustainability

Three changes are needed to maintain precision in environmental, social and governance activities as the ESG pace quickens, says Hannah-Polly…

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  Get the lowdown on what our faculty are working on right now.
  A ballet dancer leaps into a blue powder cloud.

Systemic dance

Iconic ballets including The Nutcracker and Giselle can provide fresh systems-based thinking about stakeholder relationships in order to address 'grand…

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  Opinion from some of the academic world's leading experts.
  Digital image of bank notes with pound signs on on an green background.

Sustainable accounting

David Pitt-Watson, who has been Pembroke Visiting Professor of Finance and Visiting Fellow at Cambridge Judge, talks about a campaign…

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  Cambridge entrepreneurs pitch their genius business ideas.
  Woman gazes thoughtfully at colourful post-it notes on the glass wall in front of her as she thinks about the future.

Looking ahead

Richard Watson, the Futurist-in-Residence at the Entrepreneurship Centre of Cambridge Judge Business School, shares his thoughts in the series 'This…

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  Our thinking on the big issues.
  Businessmen shaking hands in a darkened office at night with city lights visible through the window.

Tainted suggestions

Why are you telling me this? People distrust unsolicited workplace advice and, surprisingly, this negative reaction is not reduced if…

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  Find out what CJBS alumni are doing right now.
  A proud Quechua Andina lady at her guinea pig farm in the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Cusco, Peru.

Self determination

Dr Rick Colbourne, a PhD graduate of Cambridge Judge (PhD 2004), discusses his work and new book on community economic…

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  What you need to know in ten points or less.

Navigating a career

Olivia Coffey, a Cambridge MBA alumna and a member of the US Olympics rowing team, outlines five tips regarding competition…

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  The latest news from CJBS.
  Christoph H. Loch

A decade on

Professor Christoph Loch steps down as Dean after 10 transformative years. Professor Mauro Guillén Cambridge Judge Business School looks very…

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