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EnterpriseWOMEN appeals to women of all backgrounds who think they have, or have already demonstrated their entrepreneurial ambitions. This is a programme for women led by women; elevating and harnessing the energy of the programme for personal growth and development. You will learn from Cambridge Judge Business School faculty and from entrepreneurial women already out there, sharing experiences, know-how and real-world practical guidance.

EnterpriseWOMEN is open to women of all ages across the University of Cambridge including MPhil and PhD students, postdoctoral researchers, junior research fellows and other early or later-stage career women. We will also consider applications from women at other academic institutions and women in industry from across the Cambridge ecosystem who are keen to develop their entrepreneurial business ideas.

Women are innately creative, yet the great reserves of entrepreneurial potential we possess is often under-nourished. There are very real barriers to female entrepreneurship: being able to secure funding for our ideas; access to networks to help us get going; and the importance and influence of our family and the expectations this brings to bear on our business aspirations. EnterpriseWOMEN aims to spark a fresh enthusiasm and business confidence to encourage the next generation of female entrepreneurs.
Dr Rebecca Myers ARCS, Head of Entrepreneurial Learning Programmes & Engagement at the Entrepreneurship Centre and Director of EnterpriseWOMEN and EnterpriseTECH


We are currently redesigning the EnterpriseWOMEN programme. Please revisit these pages in April (or sign up to our mailing list) to find out more.

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