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EnterpriseWOMEN is tailored for women founders and CEOs who have successfully built small businesses but haven't yet had the opportunity and the necessary tools to scale their businesses sustainably. It identifies a select group of ambitious and talented women entrepreneurs whose businesses show high potential to scale and helps them do it.

By creating a vibrant community of women entrepreneurs and inspiring role models who share key characteristics such as boundless ambition, huge potential and ongoing challenges, the programme fosters opportunities for collaboration and partnership. It will provide participants access to networks, resources and business know-how to help them find their footing so they can overcome barriers, sustain and grow their businesses, and emerge as market leaders. EnterpriseWOMEN is open to women entrepreneurs of all ages who have a decision-making role in their early-stage, high potential businesses.

EnterpriseWOMEN is currently being revamped and is expected to start in late 2019.

As part of the programme design research, Dr Ghina M. Halabi, in charge of its development, met with Jonathan Gorrie, Executive Director at UK Government Investments, to discuss the role of the UK government in supporting women entrepreneurship, bridging the funding gap, and advancing a more balanced and fair industry. You can read about Ghina's research and the proceedings of their meeting on the Entrepreneurship Centre blog.

Women are innately creative, yet the great reserves of entrepreneurial potential we possess is often under-nourished. There are very real barriers to female entrepreneurship: being able to secure funding for our ideas; access to networks to help us get going; and the importance and influence of our family and the expectations this brings to bear on our business aspirations. EnterpriseWOMEN aims to spark a fresh enthusiasm and business confidence to encourage the next generation of female entrepreneurs.
Dr Rebecca Myers ARCS, Head of Entrepreneurial Learning Programmes & Engagement at the Entrepreneurship Centre and Director of EnterpriseWOMEN and EnterpriseTECH


We are currently redesigning the EnterpriseWOMEN programme. Please revisit these pages in August (or sign up to our mailing list) to find out more.

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