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What is entrepreneurship and is it for me?

Enterprise Tuesday introduces budding entrepreneurs to the world of business, aiming to inspire people to pursue their entrepreneurial ambitions. The events are managed and delivered by the Entrepreneurship Centre as a series of online evening talks and seminars with networking sessions.

This coming academic year, Enterprise Tuesday will launch as a digital event experience. The sessions will take place virtually in the Michaelmas, Lent and Easter terms at Cambridge Judge Business School. We look forward to three central themes, with three or four sessions per theme, including 'Women-led Entrepreneurship', entrepreneurship and innovation in the 'Arts and Creative Industries' and the 'Environment and Climate Change'.

The experience

Enterprise Tuesday

Enterprise Tuesday brings together a diverse audience that stretches across our student body to the local business ecosystem and beyond.

What these audiences have in common is a fascination with the processes of entrepreneurship. Topics typically cover how to recognise a good business idea, how to build teams, the challenges of raising funding, and stories of successes and failures. These are evenings where experienced entrepreneurs, industry experts and practitioners share real-world insights to help others think about transforming their own ideas into something real and of meaningful value.

Who is it for?

Enterprise Tuesday audience

These are public talks for University of Cambridge staff and students, members of other universities and the local business community. Learning through the experience of others, this series is for people who want to:

  • learn how to transform an idea into enterprise
  • find out how to begin developing their own business idea
  • build up their business understanding and knowledge
  • explore their own entrepreneurial potential
  • find out more about business creation competitions and how to apply
  • meet like-minded individuals and find new team members
  • establish a broad network of experienced entrepreneurs and support professionals.

Find out more

Our new series will start later on this year, in Michaelmas Term. Sign up to our mailing list for the latest announcements.

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University of Cambridge
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Unfortunately there are no parking facilities, though there are some metered spaces outside.

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