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Start your entrepreneurial journey with Enterprise Tuesday!

Enterprise Tuesday opens the door for budding entrepreneurs to the world of translating ideas into building new businesses. Our aim is to inspire people into pursuing their own entrepreneurial ambitions and help plug those already underway with their new venture creation into the Cambridge ecosystem.

Enterprise Tuesday is a series of evening talks and panel discussions with tech pioneers, business leaders and experienced entrepreneurs.

Michaelmas Term

InspireLeading into the Future

To coincide with the Global Entrepreneurship Week’s theme of rebooting our society and economy post Covid, this series of events recognises that we have a unique but narrow window of opportunity to not only reboot but to rethink our world after the pandemic. What do we want our future to look like? How can our entrepreneurs act now to take the lead in creating this new future?

These November events will look at three key industry sectors that present some of our most pressing and complex problems. They will explore how entrepreneurs can identify opportunities to rethink and envision the future, generating and leading on new innovations that can contribute to not just a plausible but a preferred future for these sectors.

Some of the best ideas and conversations are happening at the intersection of industry sectors, and we recommend that you attend the whole series.

  • 1 November – Leading the future of Health
  • 8 November – Leading the future of Energy
  • 15 November – Leading the future of Food
  • 22 November – Leading the future of the Built Environment

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Lent Term

Accelerate: Making it happen!

Ignite your idea and further your ambition to develop an innovation that can create a better future and accelerate your ideas into commercially viable ventures.

This series focuses on practical advice to help you explore, shape, and accelerate your business ideas, including preparing robust business plans, protecting your intellectual property, finding and recruiting the best team members, and how to tap into avenues for early-stage funding.

  • 7 February – Making Innovation Happen?
  • 14 February – Disruptive and Innovative Business Models
  • 21 February – Fundraising strategies
  • 28 February – Braving the Dragons Den

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Easter Term

Scale & Envision: Orientate your thinking to the Future 

How can you prepare for scaling at the outset while keeping an eye on both present and future trends?

In this series, we hear how companies can plan for tomorrow and envisage their future markets, customers and workforce, and scale towards their preferred future. 

  • 2 May – Understanding the drivers of change
  • 9 May – Understanding the competitive landscape
  • 16 May – Workforce and people/hybrid teams
  • 23 May – Get there early

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Each of these three stages are designed so that attendees can leave each session with a clear checklist and ‘takeaway’ of what they can do to set the ball rolling.

The experience

Enterprise Tuesday experience.

Enterprise Tuesday brings together a diverse audience from our student body to the local business ecosystem and beyond.

What these audiences have in common is a fascination with the processes of entrepreneurship. Topics typically cover how to recognise a good business idea, how to build teams, the challenges of raising funding, and stories of successes and failures. These are evenings where experienced entrepreneurs, industry experts and practitioners share real-world insights to help others think about transforming their ideas into something real and of meaningful value.

Who is it for?

Enterprise Tuesday audience.

These are public talks for University of Cambridge staff and students, members of other universities and the local business community. Learning through the experience of others, this series is for people who want to:

  • learn how to transform an idea into enterprise
  • find out how to begin developing their own business idea
  • build up their business understanding and knowledge
  • explore their own entrepreneurial potential
  • find out more about business creation competitions and how to apply
  • meet like-minded individuals and find new team members
  • establish a broad network of experienced entrepreneurs and support professionals.


Talks take place on Tuesday evenings during Michaelmas, Lent and Easter Terms from 18:30-20:00.

Tickets are free.

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