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Science Daily: Study suggests R rate for tracking pandemic should be dropped in favour of ‘nowcasts’

A study on R rate co-authored by Paul Kattuman, Professor in Economics at Cambridge Judge Business School, is featured in Science Daily. "The basic R rate quickly wanes in usefulness as soon as a pandemic begins," Professor Kattuman said. "The…

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From ‘R rate’ to ‘nowcasts’

A farewell to R: study by University of Cambridge researchers suggests that "nowcasts" based on a new time series model are more effective in tracking later-stage pandemics than the traditional 'R rate' used during an outbreak. When the COVID-19 pandemic…

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Statistics of financial market data about a epidemic disease. Analysis graphs and reports numbers about a pandemic virus crisis.

Are analysts whose forecast revisions correlate less with prior stock price changes better information producers and monitors?

by Dr Yuan Li, Research Associate, Cambridge Centre for Finance and Cambridge Endowment for Research in Finance Financial analysts are important information intermediaries in the capital markets because they engage in private information search, perform prospective analyses aimed at forecasting…

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This is why your sales forecast needs a new approach

by Dr Allègre Hadida, University Senior Lecturer in Strategy and Director of the MPhil in Management Programme Forecasting is a tricky business. When Terra Firma made its ill-fated takeover of EMI in 2007, CIO Guy Hands famously suggested the days of…

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