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MBA students on a GCP project at Nestle.

A distinctive feature of the Cambridge MBA is the focus on experiential learning: regular opportunities to apply your developing knowledge and skills in groups and individually, in a live setting.

The selection process for each MBA cohort is key to this feature: we carefully balance national and sector representation to enable broad debate through the programme, to maximise your learning from classmates.

Teaching methods

Our teaching methods vary depending on the course and lecturer, but all are focused on encouraging interaction and contribution, using current and relevant cases, and involving external practitioners where possible. You will be allocated a study group three times during the year, which encourages peer-to-peer learning and support. Faculty are accessible and engaged with students, and our class size enables lively debate and interactions, always with a diverse and global angle.

Work Placements (Internships)

You can choose to do an internship during the final Summer Term, between July and August. We support students to pursue internships options, and many arise as continuations of the Global Consulting Project.

Team projects with companies

Team projects form a vital part of the Cambridge learning experience, and three of the ‘learning milestones’ are team related projects involving company clients or external practitioners. 

The CVP features small teams working on a market analysis project with a UK based company, to develop team skills as part of the Management Praxis course.

The GCP is the highlight of the Cambridge programme for many, enabling team consulting work for a major international company, anywhere in the world. It is a four to six week project, on a live issue of strategic importance for the client. The GCP is a valuable opportunity to apply your learning across the range of disciplines as well as test career options and make useful connections.

You will choose from one of ten Concentrations to participate in during the Easter Term (term 3). Concentrations cover the following areas: Culture, Arts and Media; Digital Transformations; Energy & Environment; Entrepreneurship; Global Business; Health Strategies, Finance, Strategy, Marketing, and Social Innovation. At the end each Concentration you will undertake a team project, in which you will present your findings in a simulated boardroom situation.

You can choose from three options during the Summer Term: a work placement; an individual project, or a research paper. This is your opportunity to draw together the entirety of your MBA learning, and focus on applying it with a view to developing post-MBA career goals. All summer projects are submitted/completed at the end of the programme in September.

Treks, trips and Student Groups

You will have the opportunity to visit companies on trips and treks within the curriculum. You will also come into contact with companies through the careers programme. We also encourage Student Interest Groups to develop their interactions with companies and look for ways to enhance their leadership and networking skills by organising conferences or events.


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