Fees and funding


Applications for the class of MBA Class of 2024/25 have now closed. Fees for the 2025/26 class will be updated once applications re-open in July.

The tuition fee for the MBA Class of 2024/25 were £69,000. There was an additional application fee of £165. 

Living expenses 

In addition to fees, you’ll need funds to cover your living expenses and accommodation.

We estimated average, basic living costs for a full-time student without dependants for 2024/25 to be £18,625.

You’ll also want to think about setup costs, including a laptop, mobile and bike, as well as travel and utility bills. 

Group of MBA students.

Invest in your future

Your MBA is a significant financial commitment, but one that will pay long-term professional and personal dividends throughout your career. You’ll build an exceptional network. You’ll command an increased salary. And more importantly, you’ll be making a significant investment in yourself and your learning.


Average base salary post-MBA*

*average package salary: £91,083.


Received a job offer within 3 months post-MBA

Figures shown are from the Employment Report 2024. 

Funding your MBA

There are multiple ways that our students fund their Cambridge Judge MBA – we encourage you to start researching potential financing options as soon as possible.  Explore our extensive range of scholarships, merit bursaries and external funding opportunities. A useful additional funding source, loans are available to all candidates holding a conditional offer for the Cambridge MBA.

Scholarships and loans

Scholarship recipient stories 

Scholarships are highly-competitive and a recognition of the outstanding and diverse achievements of our incoming students. Read our scholars’ stories here.

Hear from Cambridge MBA scholars

Cambridge MBA students.

Get employer support

Want to return to your organisation post-MBA? Each year, a number of students secure substantial levels of funding and sponsorship from their employers. Establish a confident and compelling business case before asking for financial support – know how the MBA will build your skills and how your newfound knowledge and networks will help your organisation tackle the challenges and opportunities of the future. 

University of Cambridge alumni

Returning students from the University of Cambridge are entitled to an alumni discount of £10,000 reduction in tuition fees. Students that studied their Bachelors, Masters, or PhD at the University are eligible for the discount and it will automatically be applied to your final tuition fees. Please contact MBA Admissions if you have any questions.