MBA careers in technology


Technology roles are bouncing back across all sectors, both tech-heavy and traditional industries. Use of technology is now so endemic that it is often not listed as a separate function but taken as an integral feature of many industry roles.

Roles in technology dominated the industry category from our most recent graduating class, our biggest recruiters in recent years coming from:

  • Amazon
  • Shopee
  • Google
  • Genpact

This reflects the global strength of the technology sector, and Cambridge Judge Business School’s unique place at the heart of one the most successful technology clusters in Europe.

MBA careers in Technology.

of graduates who took jobs in industry work in technology

Statistics shown are from the most recent Cambridge MBA employment report.

The Cambridge MBA can progress your technology career

Careers in technology

Pivot, perform, progress – pivoting into the global tech sector with a Cambridge MBA. We talk to Business School careers experts, along with MBA alumni working in this sector, to help you navigate your career plans in the tech sector.

Technology career outcomes

From big tech names like Amazon and Google to founders and startups, discover how our MBA alumni made the jump into the tech sector.

So you want to work in Tech? – events focus

We will be holding a new series of career focused events this Summer. In the meantime, please view the recording from the event series – So you want to work in the Tech sector? – Pivot, perform, progress.

Hear from Mary Rasita, Partner Development Manager, Microsoft

Mary Rasita, Partner Development Manager, Microsoft, London, talks about why she chose the Cambridge MBA to transition from a research role in Indonesia into big tech in Europe.

I primarily chose the MBA, the Cambridge MBA for two things, for its strong fundamentals across different business principles. And second is the practical approach to the consulting projects. I’ve come to really understand principles such as corporate finance, private equity, or operations.

I’ve been able to do different projects with different industries. For example, in my first semester I had the Cambridge Venture Project, to work with a sustainability consulting company. And during the Global Consulting Project, I worked with Formula E, where I consulted this Motorsport World Car championship. So, all of this combined really helped me enrich my understanding of business, and how to consult different problems and solutions across different industries.

Having come to Cambridge, and this year in particular, I think, with COP26 being run in October, I think the whole programme has really built its focus on sustainability. Whether you’re doing finance, whether you’re doing entertainment, or digital transformation. All of those concentrations have this specific focus on sustainability because it is more important than ever, now. I think having a solid understanding of sustainability and how important it is for business, can really help build my career differently.

I know I want to be in tech, but I wasn’t really sure on what kind of tech product that I want to phase in, because I came here being very open minded. So I actually chose to do the Media, Culture and Entertainment concentration. So it has been a really exciting journey, to really understand at the intersection of technology and the arts and like consumers of the future. So all of that combined really have been, I guess, the highlights of my MBA.

I came to the MBA expecting that Cambridge will be diverse, and that’s the one of the primary reasons why I wanted to do the MBA at Cambridge. But it still surprised me how diverse it is when it comes to the professional backgrounds. And how diverse the knowledge has been, where I got to interact with my classmates here, and understand their perspectives. Not just for me to learn, but also unlearn about what I think I know.

All of these diversities combined really shape or reshape how I think about the world, and how I think I want to be and how I want to position myself in the world.

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Video: Cambridge MBA alumna Mary Rasita talks technology.

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