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Our suite of innovation programmes is specifically designed to enable innovation capabilities across many different areas of an organisation. Whether this is managing innovation, unleashing innovation and creativity internally, learning how to blend corporate and entrepreneurial innovation, understanding and implementing new business models, or exploring service design and innovation, Cambridge innovation programmes will help participants to elevate innovation to become a core capability within an organisation.

Making Innovation Happen

14-19 May 2017

This programme offers the opportunity for professionals to elevate innovation to become a core organisational capability across all organisational units, beyond the actions of one department (be it marketing, R&D, or others).

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Digital Innovation & Transformation

15-16 June 2017

This programme will provide methodologies and frameworks as well as critical thinking to help participants re-think how they lead the transformation of their organisation through digital innovation.

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Managing Innovation Strategically

23-24 November 2017

The programme helps managers in innovative or technology intensive environments gain new perspectives and insights into stages of the innovation process, from ideas generation through to product exploitation, and to develop a set of practical tools and concepts to apply to your business.

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Version 4 (9 December 2016)