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About the institute

The El-Erian Institute of Behavioural Economics and Policy (EEI) at Cambridge Judge Business School, is dedicated to researching human behaviour and decision making, and its implications for the formation and implementation of public policy. By leveraging the combined expertise of faculty at Cambridge Judge Business School and researchers across the University of Cambridge, the Institute aims to identify new ways to address social challenges and improve lives. EEI was created by a generous donation from University of Cambridge alumnus Dr Mohamed A El-Erian. The donation is divided between the University and Queens’ College.

The Institute will become an intellectual hub, working closely with expertise in subjects including behavioural economics, neuroscience, psychology, and behavioural science, from Cambridge, and internationally.

To better understand how decision making interacts with human behaviour, particularly in the presence of uncertainty and insecurities. This work offers the potential for improvements in our collective wellbeing, sustainable development, and quality of life.

A fresh approach to creating genuinely interdisciplinary teams around research agendas. This has long been a desired feature of UK research, but it can be impeded by institutional boundaries and obstacles to collaborative grant applications. EEI will provide an organisational home, allowing staff and students to work together in these areas.

We are delighted to be the home for the El-Erian Institute, which will greatly benefit Cambridge students and our research agenda in important areas related to behavioural insights and how they impact economic policy. The Institute is a welcome strategic addition to the Business School, as there is a great fit between the EEI’s work and the programmes, research, and other activities at Cambridge Judge.
Professor Mauro Guillén, Dean of Cambridge Judge Business School