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Cambridge Experimental & Behavioural Economics Group

The Cambridge Experimental and Behavioural Economics Group (CEBEG) is an interdisciplinary research group which brings together researchers and PhD students who are interested in experiments and in behavioural economics. Our aims are to provide a platform for the development of ideas, dissemination, and publication of experimental research and to facilitate the running of laboratory experiments within the University of Cambridge.


The Cambridge Experimental and Behavioural Economics Group (CEBEG) is a research group established to facilitate and advance experimental research in economics and management at the University of Cambridge.

Apart from bringing together researchers who are interested in experimental research in the social sciences arena, CEBEG provides an experimental laboratory and a subject pool database for University members. CEBEG is part of Cambridge Judge Business School.

Features of CEBEG

  • Lab space with 21 computers. The Lab is equipped with wristbands to measure physical reactions, an emotion recognition software, and z-Tree, a software to build economics experiments. Researchers can run both standalone and networked experiments, and those involving personal interaction or team work.
  • A participant pool of over 1,500 members mostly comprised of University of Cambridge students. Invitations for experiments can be sent to the entire participant pool or can be targeted based on gender, age, and other characteristics.
  • An online registration system that enables researchers and participants to conveniently schedule and sign up for experiments.
  • Regular workshops and other interdisciplinary platforms to exchange knowledge on social science experiments.

How to get involved

Participate in an experiment

CEBEG carries out a number of exciting experiments throughout the year and we always need new volunteers. It is not only fun and a good learning experience to participate in experiments, you also get an average pay of £10 per hour.

Info for participants

Conduct research

Part of Cambridge Judge Business School, CEBEG provides an experimental laboratory and a subject pool database for members of the University of Cambridge who wish to conduct experimental research in economics and management.

Info for researchers

Contact CEBEG

Johanna Croton
Experimental Lab Manager

CEBEG Laboratory
10 Trumpington St
University of Cambridge

How to find us

[email protected]