Andres Arboleda Escobar

Andres Arboleda Escobar

Programme: Master of Finance 2013

Country: Colombia

Company: Project Manager, FOGAFIN


Andres is a Colombian national. He completed his Bachelors in Industrial Engineering and Electrical Engineering at Universidad de los Andes, Colombia in 2008. After graduation, Andres continued studying part time and was awarded the degree of Master of Science in Engineering in 2010. He speaks fluent Spanish and English. 

Despite his engineering background, Andres has made his professional career in the financial industry. He worked at the Colombia’s Mercantile Exchange (BMC) as a senior analyst developing business opportunities for the exchange in conjunction with the main commodity sectors in the country. From 2011 and before starting the MFin, Andres worked for the Colombian Deposit Insurance Company (FOGAFIN) for the investments and risk department, monitoring the fund’s investment portfolio. 

Upon the completion of the MFin, Andres returned to Colombia to continue his work at FOGAFIN where he is a project manager, leading proposals regarding investment strategies and financial risk mitigation.

Andres chose to pursue the programme at Cambridge because of the perfect balance it offered: a world-class education for financial professionals embedded at the heart of one of the most prestigious universities in the world.