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Delivery methods

Live online

Experience Cambridge, outside of Cambridge

Our faculty design for the Live Online environment by taking an innovative approach to the virtual classroom. This method increases access to Cambridge, where participants experience high faculty interaction and collaborative problem solving with peers. Through synchronous learning online, Live Online provides a scalable solution to reach global audiences with the same levels of impact. As you would expect from a virtual classroom, we drive participant engagement through the following features:

  • Live polling
  • Interactive whiteboarding
  • Breakout group discussions
  • Role-playing
  • Simulations
  • Project tasks
  • Cambridge debates
  • Virtual networking.


Leverage the Cambridge Ecosystem

Our faculty inspire change through experiential exercises and field observations across the Cambridge Ecosystem. Silicon Fen is the name given to the region around Cambridge, which is home to a large cluster of high-tech businesses focusing on software, electronics and biotechnology, among others. Through access to our 19 research centres and diverse network of thought leaders, we take participants beyond the classroom environment to gain valuable insights.


A flexible approach to cascading knowledge at scale

Together with our faculty we build the virtual learning environment to your needs and audience, so you can expect customised features and a programme designed around your strategic objectives.

Online programmes can be synchronous and asynchronous, delivering both short interactive sessions with faculty as well as self-paced learning with dedicated support.

Through video lectures, interactive case studies, assignments, knowledge checks and discussion boards, participants learn how to apply new research in the flow of work.

The Cambridge Experience means participants are placed into cohorts where they can interact through small group exercises, experience high faculty touchpoints and peer-to-peer activities. Throughout the programme we get to know your participants and can demonstrate their progress via learning analytics.

Blended learning

Create learning pathways to transform your organisation

We recognise the need for multi-audience programmes to cascade knowledge at all leadership levels. Whether you have a large or small-scale development need, our blended learning model allows you to combine face-to-face, live online and online learning modules to balance scale and have impact across your organisation. To make the experience personal and relevant, faculty build bespoke learning pathways for each audience.

If you aren’t inspired to reach your intellectual potential in Cambridge, where will you be? You’re exposed to the brightest and the best lecturers, the facilities are superb and having dinner in the atmospheric College rooms was a great experience.
Niall Pelly, Partner, Matheson

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