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Professor Daniel Ralph teaches on a programme

We all learn in different ways. We therefore combine experiential methods with conceptual insights. We want your team to leave us as empowered learners, with enhanced skills and competencies, and to that end we use methods suited to appraise, examine and categorise complex issues and bring about lasting impact and transformative learning.

Our approach to executive development allows for the integration of a range of delivery mechanisms into the learning process interspersed with experiential learning tools, practical applications, real-life examples from other organisations and case study work. 

The pedagogy underpinning our programmes is one of applied and practical analysis and execution. This means that we will not just present innovation concepts, frameworks and techniques to participants but also challenge and stretch their thinking and action in teams, enabled by coaching and mentoring support from our experts.

In addition our learning interventions are delivered by virtual learning platforms and using network-based technologies where we create online learning spaces that are complementary to the face-to-face sessions.

Latest insights

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Book by Executive Education (2013) alumnus Raghav Chandra looks at the ‘abstract’ pain facing Indian women. Raghav Chandra, an alumnus of Executive …

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Extraordinary teaching

Dr Jane Davies awarded Pilkington Prize for teaching excellence by the University of Cambridge. Dr Jane Davies, Faculty (Professor level) in Management …

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Niall Pelly
If you aren’t inspired to reach your intellectual potential in Cambridge, where will you be? You’re exposed to the brightest and the best lecturers, the facilities are superb and having dinner in the atmospheric college rooms was a great experience.
Niall Pelly, Partner, Matheson