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Technology-enhanced learning

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Technology-enhanced learning

Prior to the face-to-face class sessions we can offer access to a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) that is customised for the programme, enabling participants to view course materials. Participants may be asked to reflect on several issues before heading into the classroom and there will be specific materials to work on in preparation for the programme. This might include case studies, videos, diagnostics and other supplementary materials related to programme topic. The VLE also acts as an essential element in project-based learning, assisting in roadmapping, planning and project execution.

For some programmes we use technology in the classroom which can be accessed through an app on your mobile devices for polling on theories and ideas as well as for obtaining feedback. Chat functions can also be used which give the class an opportunity to highlight thoughts and questions for consideration beyond the programme. Classroom sessions can also be recorded and provided online afterwards offering a chance to recap after the module delivery and reiterate important points that arise. 

The VLE also offers dedicated project space for teams to interact through video conferencing and discussion fora. These areas are constantly supported and facilitated by the virtual and physical input from our Cambridge faculty and associates.

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Sarah Cater
We embrace technology to make learning more engaging. Because when you are engaged, you are interested and that’s where learning takes place.
Sarah Cater, Digital Learning Manager, Cambridge Judge Business School Executive Education