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Technology and space.

Publication series

Cyber Risk Outlook

Each year the Centre, in collaboration with RMS, publishes a Cyber Risk Outlook report detailing the current trends in cyber risk. Focusing on changes to various threat categories such as data exfiltration, contagious malware, financial theft, cloud outage and denial of service attacks highlights key trends of importance to risk managers.

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Cyber Exposure Data Schema

The Cyber Exposure Data Schema, in collaboration with RMS, was developed to explore the insurance exposures within the Cyber class of business, across all geographical markets, and is an open standard. This project involved a consultation process with the insurance industry.

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Individual publications

CyRiM Scenario: Shen Attack

What would the impact be on the global economy and insurers if several ports in Asia-Pacific were closed as a result of a cyber-attack? This report explores the impact of a hypothetical computer virus which closes up to 15 ports in Asia.

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CyRiM Scenario: Bashe Attack

In this report’s scenario, the ransomware attack is launched through an infected email, which once opened is forwarded to all contacts and within 24 hours encrypts all data on 30 million devices worldwide.

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Helios Solar Storm Scenario

In this report, we provide a catastrophe scenario for a US-wide power system collapse that is caused by an extreme space weather event affected Earth: the Helios Solar Storm scenario.

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Integrated Infrastructure: Cyber Resiliency in Society

As digital connectivity becomes ever more integral to the global economy, companies and individuals become more exposed to vulnerabilities in the cyber system.

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Lloyd’s Business Blackout Scenario

This report is a joint publication by Lloyd’s and the Centre for Risk Studies, considering the insurance implications of a cyber attack on the US power grid.

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Sybil Logic Bomb Cyber Catastrophe Stress Test Scenario

This report shows how some technology companies have become so critical to business productivity that they are systematically important to the global economy.

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Cyber Threat Monograph

This paper is part of the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies’ Working Paper Series on threats to the global economy. The publication focuses in the Space and Technology threat class: a cyber catastrophe.

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