The past year has seen the Centre for Strategic Philanthropy (CSP) further expand its global stakeholder base and profile such that it is now actively consulted as an authoritative source of information on global South philanthropy. The full activation of the CSP’s research remit has allowed for collaborations with counterpart academic institutions in the developing world – something that we welcome and actively encourage as we continue to build the Centre’s capacity. Additionally, the Centre has benefited from working directly with professional networks, widening its impact, and reaching our core target markets to embed CSP’s brand and communications.

Networks allow for a multiplier effect given the range and reach of their members and allow the CSP to have accessible means of reaching a wide and relevant global audience that would be less feasible were it to engage such institutions’ members on a one-to-one basis. Below is a list of CSP’s key partners and we expect for this list to continue to grow.

Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation (ADMAF)

Founded in 1996, ADMAF is among the oldest, non-profit cultural organisations in the Arabian Gulf. The Foundation focuses on supporting culture and arts, and sustaining cultural development, by embracing creativity for the good of society as a contribution to enriching the cultural vision of Abu Dhabi. ADMAF also offers a wide array of initiatives, including Abu Dhabi Festival and several youth and societal programs and platforms and supports creative talents in the UAE and abroad in cooperation with major local and international cultural institutions.

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Alliance is a non-profit media platform dedicated to providing the global philanthropy sector with independent opinion, expert debate and trusted insight. Our flagship quarterly publication, Alliance magazine, is read by over 22,000 philanthropy professionals around the world. Alliance also runs regular events, bringing together sector experts to discuss key themes and issues in philanthropy.

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Arab Foundations Forum (AFF)

The Arab Foundations Forum (AFF) is a non-profit membership-based association of philanthropic organisations, donors, funders, and other actors in the philanthropy sector based or working in the Arab region. AFF was established in 2006 and has grown to include a regional network across the region, with members in 12 countries so far, and it continues to grow.

AFF’s vision is for a strategic and effective philanthropic sector in the Arab region that engages with all aspects of society towards growing social responsibility and investment while advancing public goods.

AFF serves as a hub for networking, knowledge sharing and capacity development for its members and its partners. It aims to foster dialogue and collaboration opportunities amongst the network to bolster the capacity and efficacy of strategic philanthropy in the Arab region.

AFF’s main activities and areas of focus include networking, capacity development, knowledge and resource sharing, communications and outreach, and advocacy on behalf of the sector.

Arab Foundations Forum (AFF) logo.

Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN)

With over 600 members covering 33 countries, AVPN is Asia’s largest social investor network moving capital towards impact in Asia. It is committed to building a vibrant and high impact social investment community across Asia. AVPN is an advocate, capacity builder, and platform that cuts across private, public, and social sectors embracing all types of engagement to improve the effectiveness of members across the Asia Pacific region.

AVPN’s mission is to catalyse a more strategic, collaborative, and outcome focused approach to philanthropy and social investing. To achieve this, it aims to increase the flow of financial, human and intellectual capital to the social sector, and ensure that capital is deployed as effectively as possible.

Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN) logo.

The Centre on African Philanthropy and Social Investment (CAPSI)

Located at Wits Business School in Johannesburg, South Africa, The Centre on African Philanthropy and Social Investment (CAPSI) was established to bridge the gap in the study, research and practice of philanthropy and social investment in Africa. CAPSI seeks to promote social change in Africa and beyond through building a culture of effective giving, corporate social responsibility and civic responsibility. Building on social value and promoting social investment, the centre will serve as a source of knowledge, a cultivator of partnerships, and a catalyst for innovation, community engagement and a heightened sense of citizenship and social responsibility throughout the African continent and beyond. Inherent in the Centre’s goals, is the building of a new cadre of African experts, researchers and academics in African Philanthropy and related disciplines. The first of its kind in Africa.

With the establishment of this Centre, it is hoped that knowledge on African philanthropy will be generated on a bigger scale and channelled towards policy making, teaching and community development, merging the world of academia and practice.

The Centre on African Philanthropy and Social Investment (CAPSI) logo.

European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA)

EVPA is a strong community of around 300 member organisations from 30+ countries sharing the same vision and a common goal: creating lasting societal impact through the practice of investing for impact. We are a unique network at the intersection of business and purpose, driven by knowledge and focused on impact. We enable our members to connect and learn from each other to achieve deeper societal impact through investments. We build the impact ecosystem at international, European, national and local levels. As a strategic partner of the European Commission in advancing this sector, we share insights, develop knowledge and training, and shape public policies to make the investing for impact movement in Europe stronger.

European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA) logo.

Philanthropy Impact

Philanthropy Impact is a unique non-profit organisation at the intersection between philanthropy, social and impact investment, promoting a world where individuals and families engage in philanthropy and social and impact investment, supported by their professional advisors.

We are a membership network that is thriving, innovative, catalytic, and socially entrepreneurial; creating opportunities for societal and environmental impact while fulfilling our mission to increase and improve philanthropy and social investment and encourage impact investing.

Drawing on research, we focus on increasing philanthropic giving, social investment and impact/ESG sustainable investment by building the will and capacity of professional advisors (investment professionals and financial planners, private client advisors, wealth management, private banking, independent financial advice, tax and legal sectors) to support their (U)HNW private clients on their philanthropic and social impact journey.

We achieve our vision by working with professional advisors, philanthropists, social/impact investors, charities, and government to develop greater expertise, awareness, and impact in philanthropic and social impact investment action, providing thought leadership, events, training, bespoke networking opportunities, publications and resources for advisors

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WINGS is a global network of philanthropy development and support organisations committed to ensuring philanthropy reaches its fullest potential as a catalyst for social progress. Our growing community of thought leaders and changemakers includes more than 190 member organisations across 58 countries.

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