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Luck favours the prepared mind

Kris Gopalakrishnan, Executive Co-Chairman of IT services giant Infosys, explains why every business has to be in control of its destiny and the role luck plays

Kris Gopalakrishnan, Executive Co-Chairman of IT services giant Infosys, sharing his reflections and company milestones in a Cambridge Leadership Seminar, said that luck plays an important role.

He told his Cambridge Judge Business School audience that creating a strategy and delivering it, requires hard work.

“You have to work hard to create certain capabilities. However when certain opportunities come by, although it can be seen by many people, only some will benefit from it. That’s what people call luck. To me it means that you are the best prepared to take advantage of the opportunity. That is what luck is all about.”

Mr Gopalakrishnan talked after his lecture about competition in the IT sector and the need to be paranoid about the future and what competition might bring about.

“We always have to worry about competition, about somebody else doing a better job so you cannot stand still. You have to continue to innovate, to do new things or do things differently. You have to continue to grow.”

India, he said, is one of the best places for IT and software development with its good education system, the aspirational nature of the role and the country’s ability to scale.