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EU single market


Submissions sought for special issue of the journal Review of Industrial Organization, guest edited by two Cambridge Judge faculty, focusing on 25 years of the European Union’s single market.

Professor Michael Pollitt
Professor Michael Pollitt

Cambridge Judge Business School and the London-based Centre for Economic Policy Research are coordinating a special issue of the journal Review of Industrial Organization focused on “25 years of the European Single Market”, and are seeking submissions in various areas of competition policy.

Guest editors of the special issue are Michael Pollitt, Professor of Business Economics at Cambridge Judge, and Dr Christos Genakos, University Senior Lecturer in Economics at Cambridge Judge.

The editors are particularly interested in papers concerning costs and benefits of the single market, and the evolution of competition in manufactured goods or services; the evolution of airline competition; policy and public authority coordination problems; and market extension impacts.

Dr Christos Genakos
Dr Christos Genakos

The single market of the European Union was created through enactment of the Single European Act in 1986, and was launched on 1 January 1993. The single EU market includes the four freedoms of movement – goods, services, people and capital.

A one page abstract of suggested submissions to the special issue is due by 15 September 2017, with notification by 20 October to those invited to write a full paper, a first draft of which is due by 2 February 2018.

A conference for authors will be held in Cambridge in Spring 2018, and final versions of papers are due by October 2018.