Elroy Dimson

Professor of Finance

Director of Research (Finance)

Chairman of the Centre for Endowment Asset Management (CEAM)

BA (Newcastle University), MCom (Birmingham University), PhD (University of London), Hon FIA (Institute of Actuaries), Hon FSIP (CFA Institute)

My research and consultancy focus on active ownership and on investing for the long term. I have a particular interest in endowment asset management and formerly chaired the Strategy Council for Norway’s sovereign wealth fund, as well as the Policy and Advisory Boards of FTSE Russell. My co-authors and I have become well known for our global research on the investment performance since 1900 of all the main asset categories. I’m part of the Finance subject group at Cambridge Judge Business School, which studies the investment and financing decisions of individuals, firms, and institutions.

A key purpose of my research is to help investors understand today’s markets by studying and interpreting financial history.

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Elroy Dimson  is a Professor of Finance at Cambridge Judge Business School, and is co-founder and Chairman of the Centre for Endowment Asset Management. He formerly served as chair of the Strategy Council for Norway’s sovereign wealth fund, and as chair of the Policy and Advisory Boards of FTSE Russell. He is a member of the Financial Economists Roundtable and of the European Corporate Governance Institute. He is a Fellow or Honorary Fellow of CFA UK, the Institute of Actuaries, the Royal Historical Society, the Risk Institute at Ohio State University, and Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge.

Professor Dimson’s books include Triumph of the Optimists and the Global Investment Returns Yearbook (with Paul Marsh and Mike Staunton), Endowment Asset Management (with Shanta Acharya), and Financial Market History (with David Chambers). Recent publications are on active ownership (Review of Financial Studies), real assets (Journal of Financial Economics), financial history (Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis), endowment strategy (Financial Analysts Journal), and long-horizon investing. His PhD is from London Business School.

Previous appointments

Elroy Dimson has been an Emeritus Professor at London Business School since 2009. Prior to 2009, he served LBS as Professor of Finance, Faculty Governor, Chair of the Finance Area, Chair of the Accounting Area, Dean of MBA Programmes, and Director of the Initiative on Foundation and Endowment Asset Management. He has held visiting positions at Chicago, Berkeley, the Bank of England, and other institutions, as well as a variety of board positions.


Selected publications

Journal articles

Books, monographs, reports and case studies

  • Dimson, E., Marsh, P. and Staunton, M. (2023) Credit Suisse global investment returns yearbook 2023. Zurich: Credit Suisse Research Institute.
  • Dimson, E., Marsh, P. and Staunton, M. (2022) Global investment returns yearbook 2022. Zurich: Credit Suisse Research Institute.
  • Horan, S.H., Dimson, E., Emery, C., Blay, K.A., Yelton, G. and Agarwal, A. (2022) ESG investment outcomes, performance evaluation, and attribution. London: CFA Institute Research Foundation.
  • Evans, S., Marsh, P. and Dimson, E. (2021) Numis Smaller Companies Index: 2021 annual review. London: Numis Securities.
  • Dimson, E., Marsh, P. and Staunton, M. (2020) Global investment returns yearbook 2020. Zurich: Credit Suisse Research Institute.
  • Evans, S., Marsh, P. and Dimson, E. (2019) Numis Smaller Companies Index: 2019 annual review. London: Numis Securities.
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  • Chambers, D. and Dimson, E. (eds.) (2016) Financial market history: reflections on the past for investors today. London: CFA Institute Research Foundation.
  • Chambers, D., Dimson, E., Segal, A.I. and Steiner, E. (2016) “The role of real estate: the case of Christ Church College.” Harvard Business School: 9-216-086.
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  • Acharya, S. and Dimson, E. (2007) Endowment asset management. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Dimson, E., Marsh, P. and Staunton, M. (2002) Triumph of the optimists. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press.

Book chapters

  • Dimson, E. (2023) “A global view and American exceptionalism.” In: Siegel, L.B. and McCaffrey, P. (eds.) Revisiting the equity risk premium. Charlottesville, VA: CFA Institute Research Foundation, pp.7-11
  • Atta-Darkua, V. and Dimson, E. (2018) “Diversifisering på tvers av industrisektorer [Sector exclusion].” In: Thøgersen, Ø. (ed.) Energiaksjer i Statens pensjonsfond utland [Energy shares in the Government Pension Fund Global]. Oslo: Norwegian Ministry of Finance, pp.117–134 (Available online)
  • Dimson, E., Marsh, P. and Staunton, M. (2018) “The evolution of equity markets.” In: Faber, M. and Remsburg, J. (eds.) The best investment writing: selected writing from leading investors and authors: vol.2. Petersfield: Harriman House, pp.5-12
  • Dimson, E., Marsh, P. and Staunton, M. (2017) “Five factors that influence investment returns.” In: Parker, C. (ed.) Harriman’s new book of investing rules. Petersfield: Harriman House, pp.215–220
  • Dimson, E., Marsh, P. and Staunton, M. (2016) “Long-term asset returns.” In: Chambers, D. and Dimson, E. (eds.) Financial market history: reflections on the past for investors today. Charlottesville, VA: CFA Institute Research Foundation, pp.2-26
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  • Dimson, E. and Spaenjers, C. (2014) “The investment performance of art and other collectibles.” In: Dempster, A.M. (ed.) Risk and uncertainty in the art world. London: Bloomsbury Publishing, pp.219-238
  • Dimson, E., Marsh, P. and Staunton, M. (2008) “The worldwide equity risk premium: a smaller puzzle.” In: Mehra, R. (ed.) Handbook of the equity risk premium. Amsterdam: Elsevier.

Awards and honours

  • Best Research Paper (for “Coordinated engagements” with Oguzhan Karakas and Xi Li), Brandes Institute, 2021
  • Among top luminaries in Investment Luminaries and their Insights, CFA Institute Research Foundation, 2021
  • Bernstein Fabozzi/Jacobs Levy Outstanding Article Award for “Factor-based investing: the long-term evidence” (with Paul Marsh and Mike Staunton), 2018
  • The University of Cambridge Vice-Chancellor’s Impact Award, 2017
  • Savvy Investor Best Investment Paper for Financial Market History, 2017
  • FIR-PRI Award for Best Published Paper on Sustainability, 2016
  • Graham and Dodd Best Perspectives Award, Financial Analysts Journal, 2015
  • aCIO Top 10 Most Influential Academics in Institutional Investing, 2013
  • Best Paper Award from AAWE for “The price of wine” (with Christophe Spaenjers), 2013
  • Moskowitz Prize for Best Paper in 2012-13 for “Active ownership” (with Oguzhan Karakas and Xi Li), 2013

News and insights

A business man walks outside the New York stock exchange in New York City.

Annual UBS Investment Returns Yearbook, co-authored by Professor Elroy Dimson of Cambridge Judge Business School, finds that Japan, Canada, Germany, Australia and other nations have lost stock market share to the US.

Room with bookshelves full of reading materials and a comfy armchair to read in.

Three Cambridge Judge faculty – Lucio Sarno, Raghavenda Rau and Elroy Dimson – are cited in study as among the most prolific authors of papers in top finance journals.

A man leans back and looks up at a large percentage sign that casts its shadow and towers above him.

Inflation hit decades-long highs in 2022, and easing is historically very slow from such levels, says new report co-authored by Elroy Dimson of Cambridge Judge Business School.

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Debunking media myths over ESG

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