Marwin Mönkemeyer

Research Associate

Cambridge Centre for Finance / Cambridge Endowment for Research in Finance

BSc (University of Kiel), MSc, PhD (University of Hamburg)

My research is centred on empirical finance, adopting a multidisciplinary approach that intersects corporate finance, entrepreneurial finance, sustainable finance, and network theory. My recent work has explored how social trust shapes institutional investors’ portfolio allocation decisions. Additionally, my growing interest in venture capital and institutional shareholders focuses on their impact on firm-level outcomes, including ESG preferences and acquisition performance.

Marwin Mönkemeyer.

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Investors’ preference for domestic over foreign assets is well documented in the literature on international portfolio allocation.

Marwin Mönkemeyer, Research Associate at Cambridge Centre for Finance (CCFin) and Cambridge Endowment for Research in Finance (CERF), blogs about the role of social trust in the portfolio allocation decisions of global institutional investors.

Two colleagues analysing a financial chart on a computer.

Overall, our results emphasise the role of the institutional shareholdings network as a corporate governance mechanism that influences accounting quality and shed light on how investors obtain valuable information for monitoring.