Marwin Mönkemeyer

Research Associate

Cambridge Centre for Finance / Cambridge Endowment for Research in Finance

BSc (University of Kiel), MSc, PhD (University of Hamburg)

I am an empirical researcher with a keen interest in the fields of sustainable finance, social finance, institutional investors, and network theory. My recent research has explored how social trust shapes institutional investors’ portfolio allocation decisions. I also have a developing interest in shareholder networks and how they affect various firm-level outcomes, such as ESG risks or acquisition performance.

Marwin Mönkemeyer.

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Marwin Mönkemeyer, Research Associate at Cambridge Centre for Finance (CCFin) and Cambridge Endowment for Research in Finance (CERF), blogs about the role of social trust in the portfolio allocation decisions of global institutional investors.

Overall, our results emphasise the role of the institutional shareholdings network as a corporate governance mechanism that influences accounting quality and shed light on how investors obtain valuable information for monitoring.