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(In)Credible is rebranding caring – as parents, guardians of young children or as unpaid carers – as a credible form of skills development.

People who take time to care for others are developing and testing crucial human skills on a daily basis, such as empathy, stress tolerance and resilience. Yet this is not viewed as real experience by employers. Rather it’s seen as ‘time out’ and can negatively impact their careers for decades.

(In)Credible works:

With employers to recognise caring as real experience in the way they recruit, retain and reward their people
With people who are providing care to help them actively learn through this skills development opportunity
With society to create a thought leadership platform evidencing the opportunities in a world which values care


(In)Credible is founded by Jen Scarlett, who has 12 years’ experience in the world of sustainability and responsible business. Firstly, for Teach First and MDUK, Jen then went into the private sector working for Hogan Lovells LLP, Eli Lilly and Centrica.

Jen has worked full time, part-time, freelanced and taken a career break. These working patterns have reflected caring responsibilities in her life. She has taken time to care for her two young children and alongside her family, supported her father during his three-year battle with terminal cancer. It has been these experiences, which Jen feels have truly tested and developed her. Yet it’s invisible experience in the eyes of an employer. In the wake of the pandemic, when a light was shone on the true value and challenge of caring and the professional world well and truly collided with the private, Jen founded (In)Credible to make caring count.


(In)Credible works to recognise the credible and transferable skills of parents and unpaid carers and the importance of these skills in the professional world.

They want to live in a world where experience of caring for others counts as development, increases career prospects and is actively sought by employers who look to embrace innovation and core human skills such as empathy and problem solving.

By doing so, they hope to accelerate progress to close the gender pay gap, improve the mental wellbeing of those providing care and increase their employability. They also hope to empower more men to care and foster more collaborative and caring approaches in society. (In)Credible believe businesses who embrace this approach can boost innovation, staff retention and wellbeing.

Lead entrepreneur
Jen Scarlett

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Jen would like to hear from employers interested in working with (In)Credible to make their workplace one which embraces caring experience.

Jen is interested in connecting with any governmental or non-governmental organisations working to address gender diversity or carers issues, especially if they can offer funding.

(In)Credible welcome all opportunities for media coverage and speaking engagements.



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