OneTest Diagnostics


Accelerate alumni



OneTest Diagnostics is a Cambridge-based biotech startup developing a novel method of tracking response of cancer to therapy. We currently target colorectal cancer with the option to further develop the product for monitoring a wide range of cancers. Despite recent advances in cancer therapy, the most widely prescribed treatments are still incredibly toxic. Our point-of-care diagnostic device monitors the proportion of circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA) in a patient’s blood sample to determine how a patient is responding to therapy. OneTest’s novel approach removes the month-long wait and high costs associated with tracking this ctDNA by sequencing and allows clinicians to longitudinally monitor treatment response in near real-time, leading to rapid decision making on choice of therapy. Better monitoring of cancer to guide personalised treatment increases patient quality of life and improves survival rates. Our team of highly qualified scientists and engineers is working on a solution to realise that goal.