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The Lily-Jo Project is an award-winning online mental health resource, designed to help individuals help themselves.

Currently The Lily-Jo Project has information, practical top tips, expert advice, stories of hope, recommended resources, blogs, interviews and more on the following topics; low mood, anxiety, self-harm, eating disorders, childhood trauma, low self-esteem, grief and loss.

Mental ill health can be isolating and scary. The Lily-Jo Project is a safe place for individuals to visit online where they feel less alone. The site encourages the individual to learn about what they may be going through, hear from others who have experience within that but who are further along their healing journey, and then start their journey of wholeness.


Lily-Jo is founder of The Lily-Jo Project. She is a musician who uses her music as a platform to promote the resource, however the resource also stands alone. Lily-Jo is a trained counsellor with six years’ professional experience working in GP surgeries. She brings her gifts together to communicate a message of hope and freedom to the one in four who are currently suffering from mental health issues in the UK today.

Lily-Jo has a number of volunteers who help to write blogs, social media, administrative tasks, media content, web development.


The Lily-Jo Project’s mission is:

to eliminate the stigma around mental health and be a voice for individuals who are struggling
to provide hope and healing through music and the online mental health resource
to strengthen existing communities and be a bridge between communities.

Get in touch

Lily-Jo is interested in connecting with professionals in mental health, especially if they are interested in volunteering their time to help develop further information for the resource. She also welcomes funders who are interested in music and mental health. She would also welcome opportunities to deliver workshops to young people about emotional wellbeing and preventative strategies.

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