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New Centre for Compliance & Trust

27 November 2013

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Cambridge Judge Business School has launched a new Centre for Compliance & Trust to lead thinking and work with organisations in the …

Cambridge Judge Business School has launched a new Centre for Compliance & Trust to lead thinking and work with organisations in the financial sector to explore how they are building real change in values and behaviour and responding to the demands of the emerging regulatory landscape.

The new Centre will explore three main areas, developing insights and tools which can support the financial industry as it works to develop best practice:

  • The function, value and challenges for the financial industry in today’s society
  • The ways in which the financial industry responds to and acts within the regulatory environment
  • The behaviours and practices organisations need to embed and reinforce if they are to meet the standards of compliance, trust and good conduct which are now so clearly expected

Banking should be a business which is well-regarded in the community, that builds trust and that will be a different banking service from the service we’ve had in the 20th century,” said Professor Dame Sandra Dawson. “Compliance is the key to letting people see how self-regulation will change the banking sector of the future. And this can only happen if there is change from the top as well as at the bottom.”

The Centre will focus on applied research which will develop tools and practices to nurture skills and behaviours that support good practice within the industry.

The Centre will draw from a variety of disciplines across Cambridge Judge Business School and the University of Cambridge to develop an understanding of how financial institutions can respond to the need for trust and confidence. In addition to knowledge development and dissemination, tailored programmes of study will be offered covering technical, behavioural and cultural aspects of compliance.

Executive Director of the Centre Richard Hill said:

Through the Centre for Compliance & Trust we aim to develop knowledge, insights and practices which put good conduct and behavioural-led practices at the heart of decision-making, working with the sector to develop a deep understanding of how they can respond to the changes that are demanded of them.”

The Centre for Compliance and Trust is one of a suite of centres at the School including the Centre for Business Research, the Centre for Financial Analysis and Policy, the Centre for Science and Policy, the Centre for Endowment Asset Management and the Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning.