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5th Cambridge summit will take the pulse of big data risk

16 June 2014

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Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies will host its annual Risk Summit on 23-24 June exploring global hot topics in risk management. The …

Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies will host its annual Risk Summit on 23-24 June exploring global hot topics in risk management.

Risk Summit The Pulse of Risk: From Big Data to Business Value is the theme for the conference, which is now in its fifth year and is hosted by the University of Cambridge Judge Business School, where the Centre for Risk Studies is based.

Leaders and decision makers from governments, businesses, intergovernmental organisations, academia and NGOs will meet to explore the implications of Big Data, its opportunities and risks to businesses, its potential for research, innovation and productivity and the complex questions it poses around ownership, value and benefit to society.

Speakers include:

  • Paul Appleby, Head of Energy Economics, Group Economics Team, BP
  • Dr Tobias Baer, Master Expert, Risk Practice, McKinsey & Company
  • Professor Ian Goldin, Professor of Globalisation & Development at the University of Oxford, and Director, Oxford Martin School
  • Dr Ray Johnson, Chief Technology Officer, Lockheed Martin
  • Dr Mike Lynch, Founder & Technology Entrepreneur, Invoke Capital Fund
  • David Harding, Founder and President, Winton Capital Management
  • Alan Smith, Global Head of Risk Strategy and Chief of Staff, HSBC Holdings

Speakers from the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies (CRS) will outline the Centre’s main research priorities for 2014-2015, including the Cambridge Risk Framework research which is becoming a recognised standard across the risk community:

  • The Cambridge CRS Risk Framework: Scenarios, Threats, and Business Decisions
    Professor Daniel Ralph, Academic Director, CRS
  • Systems of Systems: Mapping Global Exposure Networks
    Dr Andrew Skelton, Risk Researcher, CRS
  • Cyber Catastrophe – an Interlinked Systemic Risk
    Simon Ruffle, Director of Technology Research & Innovation, CRS
  • Catastronomics: The Economics of Catastrophes
    Dr Scott Kelly, Research Associate, CRS
  • Understanding Financial Catastrophes
    Dr Fabio Caccioli, Research Associate, CRS
  • Data for Risk Analysis: Exposure & Vulnerability
    Dr Roxane Foulser-Piggott, Research Associate, CRS
  • Mapping Geopolitical Risk
    Joshua Wallace, Research Associate, CRS and co-founder of real-time political risk analysis service, Cytora.

CRS Executive Director Dr Michelle Tuveson said the risk summit had set a deliberately ambitious agenda:

The democratisation of information access has provided enormous opportunities for individuals and organisations while creating growing debate on its use. The current moment is the ideal one to take the pulse of risk in this crucial area. We are looking forward to a fascinating conference and hope anyone involved in the arena of risk will join us.

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16 June 2014.