Angel investors to gather for new entrepreneur pitches

8 April 2014

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Around 100 investors from the Cambridge innovation cluster and London investment scene will meet in London on Thursday, 10 April, to hear …

Around 100 investors from the Cambridge innovation cluster and London investment scene will meet in London on Thursday, 10 April, to hear up-and-coming entrepreneurial teams pitch new ventures

Investors dayThe teams are drawn from the Cambridge Judge Business School’s Accelerate Cambridge startup programme for new entrepreneurs. Just 18 months out from launch, the programme has accelerated no fewer than 31 startups, three of which have already collectively attracted over £1 million investment funding. Four of the ‘star’ teams will get the chance to pitch their fledgling businesses at the first Accelerate Cambridge Investor Day on Thursday 10 April 10:00-13:00 at the London offices of sponsors, BNY Mellon.

The Investors

The investors are either currently active in the Cambridge cluster or keen to know more on the booming innovation and entrepreneurship scene in the vibrant Cambridge eco-system. The Investor Day takes place just weeks after the Government pledged £500 million to invest in new infrastructure in Cambridge over the next crucial 20 years for a city which is a burgeoning global hotspot for hi-tech, bio-medical and, increasingly, social ventures.

The Pitchers

The Accelerate Cambridge start-ups pitching for funding are:


SensorHut is in the process of patenting innovative chemical sensing technology which will have a range of applications in industry and health diagnostics. A prototype of Sensorhut’s chemical sensing device is being used by Addenbrooke’s Hospital in a feasibility study to see if it is possible to diagnose Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) by sniffing patients’ urine. This disease currently costs the NHS £500 million a year and a rapid, non-invasive test would be a significant improvement over current solutions and would cut the costs of treatment.


A software company focusing on disasters, the team help businesses assess the financial impact of any type of disaster by providing accurate ‘how big, how bad, how long’ estimates. Their software platform can be used for any type of natural or man-made disasters including war, terrorism, earthquakes, tsunamis and supply disruptions.


This team has created software that collects and analyses a huge amount of online data to deliver real-time political risk analysis. The Cytora system analyses millions of media articles a day and identifies events that relate to political risk, so that business clients can stay up-to-date.


This cloud based decision support/farm management platform brings together public and private data to help farmers take informed decisions about their day-to-day operations and markets. The data-driven decision making platform helps reduce costs, boost returns and improve farm business efficiency.

John Yeomans, Chairman of Cambridge Angels, said:

We are looking forward to hearing from the next generation of young entrepreneurs coming through the Cambridge cluster. Accelerate Cambridge has done an amazing job, inside just two years, of progressing 31 entrepreneurial teams, and the programme is already firmly established in the Cambridge ecosystem – respected by investors for the tough scrutiny and sound business advice which Cambridge Judge has devoted to it.

Director of Accelerate Cambridge, and herself a serial entrepreneur, Hanadi Jabado said:

When we started the programme I knew the potential was worth progressing – but even then I underestimated the power of the networks in Cambridge which constantly bring brilliant minds together with brilliant ideas. The ventures we are helping raise seed money have reached a stage where we are confident that they are more than ready to move to the next level with businesses that have the potential to become future star performers in the UK.