Advice for women thinking about an Executive MBA

15 December 2017

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We asked our Executive MBA Class of 2016 what advice they would give to women considering an Executive MBA (EMBA).   Diana …

We asked our Executive MBA Class of 2016 what advice they would give to women considering an Executive MBA (EMBA).


Diana Henderson, Executive MBA participant (2017)

Diana Henderson, Manager, Accenture

“I would say to any female considering applying for an EMBA is to firstly believe in yourself, believe in the value that you can bring and believe in your professional successes. I think women can be very critical of themselves and downplay their successes, but the fact of the matter is we bring something to the table with our own accomplishments.”

Vanessa Marcie, Executive MBA participant (2017)

Vanessa Marcie, Head of Marketing and Communications, Team Côte d’Azur

“The programme has changed how people view me as a leader. They believe that I could lead a company, if I wanted to, and now I believe it as well! I had the motivation beforehand, but with the knowledge I’ve gained from the programme, I’m more confident in my abilities, and could totally rock a company one day!”

Brooke (Bornick) Chadeayne, Attorney, Locke Lord LLP

Brooke Chadeayne, Executive MBA participant (2017)

“Look at all the reasons why you are qualified to apply, instead of why you aren’t. Keep in mind that the programme is as much about making the most of your potential, not just validating what you’ve already achieved.”

Melissa Stringer, Executive MBA participant (2017)

Melissa Stringer, Head of Payment Solutions – Europe, Cambridge Global Payments

“If you feel as though there are opportunities for you out there – if only you knew how to access them – or if you want to explore where you career could be headed in ten years’ time, you should definitely consider applying for the EMBA programme. For me, it was a way to ensure that I could prove myself academically, gain a tangible qualification that would open me up to future challenges and inspire greater trust in my convictions.”

Erin Bradley, Executive MBA participant (2017)

Erin Bradley, Business Development, Power & Renewables, Shell

“I think that women are very good at underestimating their abilities, what they believe they can do and probably understating their ambitions as well. I’d say just go for it! Trust in your skills, trust in your experience and trust in the classmates that you’re going to meet. It’s a fantastic experience and you’ll absolutely grow as a person because of it.”

Niti Thawale, Executive MBA participant (2017)

Niti Thawale, Purchase and Stock Controller, JJ Roofing Supplies Ltd

“Speak to the Admissions team, speak to current students and speak to alumni. Prepare by finding out as much as you can about the programme, so you can to make an honest and sincere application.”