Five reasons to apply for the Master of Studies in Social Innovation

8 October 2018

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Is the Cambridge Master of Studies in Social Innovation right for you? In the words of our students, here are five reasons …

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Is the Cambridge Master of Studies in Social Innovation right for you? In the words of our students, here are five reasons why you might consider applying for this programme.

1. You will gain broad social innovation knowledge and develop your specific interests.

Tanner Taddeo.

“It’s broad enough to give you the scope to understand what social innovation is and the key components that make it today and the freedom to say ‘this is what my interest is, and I want to do a deep dive into that’”

Tanner Taddeo (2017-19 cohort)
Impact investment

2. The part-time, flexible structure of the programme will complement your personal and professional lives.

Khoi Cao-Lam.

“I was looking at programmes in Australia, in the UK and in the USA… The part-time nature of the programme suits my personal circumstances. It lets me work, it lets me keep my base… but it also gives me an opportunity to experience a bit of Cambridge life. It ticked all the boxes”

Khoi Cao-Lam (2016-18 cohort)
Justice and health sectors

3. You will be able to apply this knowledge immediately to your work.

Aida Bekele.

“I very intentionally wanted to continue working while I was studying, not only to have that source of income but to be able to apply what I’m learning to the work that I do… that feedback loop goes both ways. The assignments are a chance to show what you have learned in the classroom and how it applies to your work.”

Laura Hay Mack (2017-19 cohort)
NGO in education

4. You will be introduced to an exciting and diverse network of people

Aida Bekele.

“The other students on the programme are coming from a very international and diverse set of perspectives. The opportunity to hear what other people are doing and exchange ideas about not only what we’re studying together and the common experience we’re having but also hearing about the problems that they’re tackling in their own communities and organisations has been very informative.”

Aida Bekele (2016-18 cohort)
NGO/philanthropy sectors

5. You don’t have to have it all worked out

Sarah Awan.

“This programme can be for people who don’t necessarily have their end destination in mind but are more curious about going on the journey and that’s OK. Before coming into the programme, I was thinking it would be mostly for social entrepreneurs who have existing businesses or a social mission that they pursue every day, but this programme is for everybody – [whether you are from] a government background, a not-for-profit, a social enterprise, the private sector – or simply interested in social innovation.”

Sarah Awan (2017-19 cohort)
Tech industry

Applications for 2019 entry are now open. If you think the Master of Studies in Social Innovation could be a match for you, you can visit our the MSt in Social Innovation meet us page to get in touch for a one-to-one session and have your CV checked for eligibility.