2018 News: Inspiration friendship and memories.

Inspiration, friendship and memories

11 May 2018

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How our alumni have made an impact on the Simon Sainsbury Centre, Cambridge Judge Business School. For the first time ever, in …

How our alumni have made an impact on the Simon Sainsbury Centre, Cambridge Judge Business School.

For the first time ever, in 2017, we asked our global alumni community to consider supporting a major fundraising project to help us raise the remaining £15 million in philanthropy to support our new £32 million building, the Simon Sainsbury Centre, by naming spaces, lecture theatre seats or making a general donation.

We have been excited by the remarkable outpouring of support and enthusiasm shown by our alumni and others to name seats in the new lecture theatres. This project has enabled alumni from over 30 countries around the world to play a part in this transformative milestone in the history of Cambridge Judge Business School.

View a video message from Donnell Roy, Director of External Engagement

Below are a selection of the stories which recount the inspiration behind the wonderful support Cambridge Judge alumni have provided.

Miguel Angel Aguayo Negrete (Cambridge MBA 2012)

“One of the main reasons that I decided to study for my MBA in Cambridge was to be part of history. Now I am writing the most interesting storylines of my life – the MBA made it possible for me to work in Europe and now in Asia – something as a Mexican I never imagined. I am excited and proud for what I have achieved but there is still more room to grow. So for me this is a great way to say thank you and join history!”

Suria Ab-Rahman (Cambridge MBA 2010)

“There is so much to cherish from the days I spent in the lecture theatres at Cambridge Judge Business School – the dynamism of the lectures, the breadth, depth and quality of knowledge shared, the friendships that flourished –  it was such a meaningful and sentimental journey. The named seat provides a tangible link to the School – of always being part of an institution that is a great source of inspiration.”

Simon Parry-Wingfield (Management Studies Tripos 1988)

“My year studying for the Management Studies Tripos was by far the most interesting year I spent at Cambridge. Whilst I didn’t study at Cambridge Judge Business School (the programme back then was affiliated with Engineering), I wanted to support Cambridge Judge and this campaign was a great way to give something back.”

We look forward to welcoming Simon to the School when he steps inside for the very first time.

Jason Tudor (Management Studies Tripos 1989)

“After completing my Part I in Engineering, the Management Studies Part II undergraduate programme opened my eyes to a broader set of opportunities and had a very positive impact on my career development.”

Maciej & Pia-Johanna Tarasiuk (MPhil in Finance 2007)

In Pia’s words: “I met my husband-to-be whilst studying at Cambridge Judge Business School and wanted to make the donation both as a little surprise for him, and as a thank you to Cambridge Judge Business School for the excellent education and the unforgettable experience we both received during our studies.”

Alex Hongliang Zhang (Cambridge MBA 2008)

“A visit to Shanghai by Dr Simon Taylor, Director of the Cambridge Master of Finance, inspired me to support the new building. My desire increased in spring 2017 when our first baby, Angela, was born and an email arrived about the lecture theatre seat campaign. After much discussion with my wife, Eleanor, we decided to donate £1,000 in honour of our daughter.”

David De Cremer, KPMG Professor in Management Studies – Cambridge Judge Business School

Whilst Alex Zhang shared the desire of a proud father to honour his beautiful daughter with a seat inscribed with her name, their friends Jess Zhang and her husband David, who both work at Cambridge Judge Business School, were inspired to do the same for their daughter, Hannah.

Priscilla Li (Cambridge MBA 2008)

“I am grateful for this opportunity to honour my grandfather’s memory. He was an orphan who didn’t receive a formal education as a child and was very proud when he learned I was going to study at Cambridge Judge Business School.  He gave me what little money he had to support my education but unfortunately passed away days before I graduated.”

Marina Maslowski (Cambridge MBA 2008)

“As a single mother undertaking a full time MBA, my entire class of 2008 got to know my then 10-year old daughter, Alexandra (known as Sasha). Sasha attended every age-appropriate party, sometimes sat in classes but more importantly she developed her independence and confidence, and even enjoyed cycling to school in the bad English weather. Whilst Sasha didn’t earn her own degree, she certainly stepped up and helped me earn mine.

“Now aged 20 years, Sasha is a student at the University of California but I wanted her to remember the year we spent in Cambridge, hence the nameplate in her honour.”

Roxanne Ng (MPhil Management 2015)

“Throughout my university years, I was fortunate enough to receive financial support, not only from my family but also from various institutions to allow me to complete my MPhil degree at Cambridge Judge.

“Often finding myself on the receiving end of financial support, ‘giving back’ or ‘paying it forward’ has always been at the back of my mind. It just so happened that I opened the email offering all Cambridge Judge Business School alumni the opportunity to name a lecture seat! I am just really fortunate and pleased to be part of the School’s expansion project and am truly excited for what the future holds.”

Boyang Shi (MBA 2003)

“I just feel it is a very natural way for me to support the School as studying for my MBA around 15 years ago was a wonderful experience. I have been excited to hear about Cambridge Judge Business School’s development since then, including this new building.”

Ali Bajwa (MPhil BioScience Enterprise 2004)

“I was really excited to hear about the new Simon Sainsbury Centre. When my friend Linda mentioned its opening and the opportunity to name a lecture seat, it brought back a lot of fond memories: the honesty box next to the coffee pot, the extensive plotting for the perfect strategy, the founding of the companies and, above all, of forging life-long friendships. I think it is so exciting to have a seat named.”