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Igor Erker and Farhad Mirzayev launch new wealth management venture

17 April 2019

The article at a glance

Cambridge Executive MBA alumni Igor Erker and Farhad Mirzayev developed Zenith Investment Management after meeting on the programme. Igor Erker and Farhad …

Cambridge Executive MBA alumni Igor Erker and Farhad Mirzayev developed Zenith Investment Management after meeting on the programme.

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Igor Erker and Farhad Mirzayev (EMBA 2017) met on Cambridge Judge Business School’s Executive MBA programme. With backgrounds in wealth management and jurisprudence respectively, Igor and Farhad come together to establish a new venture to support clients seeking to protect, preserve and increase their wealth.

A new venture driving compliance, transparency and regulation

Zenith Investment Management is an innovative, London-based wealth management company providing situational wealth structuring, investment advisory and portfolio management on a global scale. It provides a suite of services that, according to Igor and Farhad, “structure wealth in the right way: easy to invest, legally sound and managed according to client expectations”.

Igor Erker (EMBA 2017)
Igor Erker (EMBA 2017)

“Through Zenith, we are offering businesses something completely new: a protected, fully regulated legal solution to many of the challenges they face.”

Igor and Farhad pool considerable professional expertise from their respective fields into this new venture. Both come from an entrepreneurial background and own several companies through which they’ve built considerable networks in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Cambridge as a catalyst

Igor and Farhad acknowledge studying at Cambridge as the catalyst that brought them together and them with provided both the building blocks and platform from which they could springboard their ideas.

Farhad Mirzayev
Farhad Mirzayev (EMBA 2017)

“I considered offers from several top business schools before accepting a place at Cambridge,” explained Farhad. “The diversity of the Cambridge Executive MBA cohort was key for me. The spirit of co-operation and access to perspectives from across sectors helped us develop this value proposition.”

“The level of professional seniority of the participants meant the cohort approached projects, discussions and debates with years of practical experience behind them.”

Farhad, who has several Masters degrees and Doctorates to his name, praised Strategic Management and Marketing Management, two of the programme’s core courses, claiming they were crucial for the ideation of the new venture’s proposition and brand.

Igor and Farhad are currently applying for the appropriate licensing for their venture and recruiting for the Zenith team. They are in discussions with several classmates about joining this ambitious new venture. Both graduating in 2019, Igor and Farhad are looking forward to dedicating more time to the development of Zenith.