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The Orientation week that changed our lives

13 February 2019

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Chenhao (Kobe) Ge proposed to Xu (Vera) Yang whilst dining underwater in Dubai. Both MPhil in Finance alumni (2012) returned to Cambridge …

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Chenhao (Kobe) Ge proposed to Xu (Vera) Yang whilst dining underwater in Dubai. Both MPhil in Finance alumni (2012) returned to Cambridge for their fairytale wedding.

Chenhao (Kobe) Ge and Xu (Vera) Yang
Chenhao (Kobe) Ge and Xu (Vera) Yang (MPhil Finance 2012)

“Chenhao and I met during the first week of orientation at Cambridge Judge in 2012. We were classmates and quickly became good friends.

“As fate would have it, Chenhao was with Wolfson College and I was with Robinson College, which are very close to each other. So he walked me home and we had so many great talks about the future and dreams. Although writing essays, studying for final exams and preparing for job interviews are not particularly fun, we had great memories at Cambridge. Those good old days of studying until midnight in libraries, cycling along the river and pennying each other during formal dinners became the most precious moments of our life and formed a strong bond between us.

“Chenhao proposed to me during our trip back to the UK in 2014. I thought it would happen when we revisited Cambridge, but he surprised me with a proposal during an underwater private dining in Dubai. Of course, I said YES! I always had a dream of a Cambridge wedding and he made my dream come true. On 7 August 2016, we hosted our wedding ceremony at Ely Cathedral followed by a dinner reception at St John’s College. Our friends flew in from all over the world: from mainland China, Hong Kong, Germany, Italy, etc. to attend the wedding, including a lot of our best classmates from Cambridge Judge. It was the single best day of our lives and we are still grateful for what Cambridge has brought to us.

“We now live in Hong Kong and are working in the finance industry. We love travelling and have been to more than ten countries since we were together. Our life journey will continue and Cambridge is certainly one of the most important stops.”

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